Comment worth noting: Swedish Tsarnaev wannabes?

Reader ‘pungentpeppers’ tells us a story from August that we didn’t know about—two Swedish citizens, brothers, of Lebanese descent joined the Jihad in Syria by traveling there using their travel-the-world-free card, a Swedish passport.  Our reader asks if Sweden bears any responsibility for allowing its citizens to go to another country to kill people?  A […]

Refugee advocates! Just so you know, you are in bed with Grover Norquist and big business

Update October 23rd:  More news on Norquist at Potomac Tea Party Report today, here. This is an article about “amnesty” but it reminds me to remind the human rights gang and you “church” people that you are working side-by-side with big business interests looking for cheap labor (it is not about having a humanitarian heart!) […]

RRW has best month since our debut in 2007!

Gradually, ever so gradually, people are beginning to ‘wake-up’ to refugee resettlement (other legal immigration) and what it means for taxpayers and for the health and social structure of communities and countries.  September 30th isn’t over yet, but this is already the top month since July 2007 for the number of visitors reading our blog!   […]

Malta and Somalia to formalize relations; first step in stopping illegal alien Somalis?

Readers, we have followed the island nation of Malta’s travails for over 5 years.  As a bit of European land closest to North Africa, the country is being swamped by migrant Somalis trying to get to Europe. To make matters worse, a few years ago, the Bush Administration (egged-on by Malta’s Jesuits) did a foolish […]

This is rich! UAE calls on Buddhist Burma to treat Muslim Rohingya better

Hey here is an idea, maybe rather than shoving the minority Muslim population down the throats of the Burmese, the rich United Arab Emirates could welcome the Rohingya to the UAE—but, oops! the UAE doesn’t take refugees! There would definitely be less tension in the whole world if we followed the Daniel Pipe’s plan of […]

Diversity is strength alert: Arrests made in honor killing (NYC)

If you don’t read The Muslim Issue, you should, the bloggers there have some informative stories that dovetail at time with what we write here at RRW. Today (or last night) The Muslim Issue has a post about a professor of Islamic studies in Germany (a Muslim himself!) who is suggesting that Mohammed never existed—get […]

Surprise! Another Iraqi refugee with possible terror ties incarcerated (San Antonio this time)

I missed this story earlier this month, but reader ‘Pungentpeppers’ spotted it and alerted us to it.   The original story appears in the San Antonio Express-News, but it’s not readily available.  Fortunately, the blogger at  ‘Limits to Growth’ posted the entire story. And, when I say another Iraqi, I’m thinking of those two Kentucky refugees […]

Obamacare will help mentally ill refugees say California immigrant health advocates

Here are some snips from the story at New America Media (hat tip: Joanne): ….a public health care worker [Mohamed] who helps refugees from African and Middle-Eastern countries says once Obamacare is launched she will no longer have to witness her clients getting bumped off health care benefits eight months after they arrive in the […]

Human Rights First: US should commit next week to taking more Syrian refugees

Duncan Breen, Senior Associate, Refugee Protection Program at Human Rights First says at next week’s meeting of foreign ministers in Geneva that the US should make a commitment to resettle more Syrians and to make it easier for them to get around “bars to protection under U.S. immigration law” (code for reduce security screening). Here […]

Minneapolis Somalis still being recruited by al-Shabab to fulfill “religious duty”

I don’t really want to post this because I have been writing about this for five years and I’m sick of them and sick of the mainstream media that is five years late addressing this serious issue.  It takes a blood bath in Kenya for the supposed journalists to get off their duffs. This is […]