Saudis give the heave-ho to tens of thousands of African migrants

This time, they are mostly Ethiopians who were in RICH Saudi Arabia looking for work. In my alerts this morning I see lots of stories about the UN blasting Bulgaria for not being welcoming toward the Syrians, or the UN telling the Burmese Buddhists to be nice to alien Rohingya, or the UN lecturing the […]

Sentencing to be set aside in Somali Christmas tree bomber case

Just when I thought I could take a break from Somali posts today,* here comes news from a few days ago (hat tip: Judy) that due to questions about the legality of NSA spying on private communications, the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the 2010 Portland Oregon Christmas tree convicted bomber, could go into a […]

Sweden: Somali refugee rapes woman till she dies

This dreadful story is all over my alerts this morning.  The awful original story is in Swedish.  Since I wasn’t completely sure of this translation (below) at the Council of Conservative Citizens, I checked Fjordman’s tweets to see if the story is real and I see he tweeted it yesterday. Here is what the Council of […]

Ah the challenges! Getting Somalis to sign up for MNsure

MNsure, of course, is Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange.   They are looking for the young, healthy, legal immigrants to make it work.  The part I don’t get is, how is it going to help premiums for all if the immigrant is unemployed and will likely just be pushed onto Medicaid? Here is the news from Minnesota Public […]

As winter approaches, Berlin police try to break up refugee camp

The source for this story from earlier in the week is Revolution Now, so consider that as you read this news from Germany where “refugee” protestors have lived on the street for a year. Interesting that Revolution Now says the Green Party district mayor believes the longstanding camp demonstration is being fueled by ‘Leftwingers’ using […]

Soros organization: Somalis happy in Helsinki!

George Soros Open Society Foundations has produced a report (one of many) from which they conclude for the media that everything is hunky-dory for Somalis in Helsinki.  The Somalis might(?) be happy, but some of the native Finns aren’t! You know this is how people like Soros operate, they do studies and make conclusions for […]

Convenience store scam of another sort

Diversity is beautiful alert!  Middle eastern immigrants accused of ripping-off Hispanic immigrant who had won a $1 million dollar lottery ticket! For new readers, this doesn’t have anything to do with food stamp fraud or refugees, but since we post on convenience store criminals who happen to be immigrants, this one is worth a mention. […]

In wake of typhoon, push is on for Temporary Protected Status for Filipinos

Problem is, once granted the “temporary” right to live, work, get a drivers license legally in America they don’t go home!  About a hundred thousand illegal Salvadorans make that point daily—they’ve been here since 2001 under TPS status and whatever natural disaster gave them the right to stay has long since been forgotten. Usually granted […]

Austria: Mostly Muslim asylum-seekers demand right to live in Austria

Or, at least be given the opportunity to move on to another European country to try for asylum if rejected by Austria. Here is the story from Press-TV (hat tip: Joanne).  Be sure to watch the film clip accompanying this short story.  Will this one day be happening on the streets of American cities? Refugee […]

Bowling Green, KY: it is all about what the refugees need!

When your city has become a preferred resettlement site for refugees from the third world, eventually you will get to this point—needing workshops on “cultural understanding” and how “service providers” can do a better job supplying taxpayer-funded services to the city’s new impoverished people. From the Bowling Green Daily News yesterday  (hat tip Robin): Mental […]