Villanova law students help one of the first gay Russians receive asylum, more on the way

This story published last week in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette gives us some insight into the asylum process in the US especially as it relates to illegal aliens coming across our Mexican border and declaring themselves gay and persecuted.    We see how legal clinics, NGOs and refugee contractors work to get as many granted asylum as […]

UK Independence Party turnabout: Bring in the Syrians!

Update:  Farage drops call for all Syrian refugees, says Christians only.  Hat tip: Joanne Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, has riled his followers by declaring it’s time to bring in the Syrian refugees.  Yesterday we reported how the Syrian flow into Turkey was destabilizing that government, now the UK political party whose […]

Massachusetts: Haitian convenience store owner blames customers, then stands up judge on Christmas eve

This may be the best food stamp fraud story we’ve posted all year!  No Mohammads in this one however! Note to new readers:  following immigrant-run convenience store fraud is a hobby here at RRW, and one that has recently yielded lots of juicy stories.    Click here for our entire archive. This one is from Salem, […]

Turkey: Could Syrian refugees help bring down Erdogan government?

Sure looks like it is possible!   And, it would be one explanation for why Turkey is a sieve and allowing Syrians to move through the country and out the other side into Greece and Bulgaria (both countries having enormous problems with illegal migrants mostly from Syria, but even from places like Algeria coming through Turkey!).* […]

Milwaukee attracting more Somali refugees, Catholic Charities helps!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has publish a feel-good story about how successfully Somali Bantus are settling in to Wisconsin.  You can read the opening yourself about one boy who becomes the first Somali in Wisconsin to go to college.  We are told that he changed his last name from Mursal to Mohamad. The article follows […]

Washington Post beats the drums for more Syrian refugee resettlement to US

It wasn’t long after we first began writing Refugee Resettlement Watch (in 2007) that we saw the media, especially one reporter—Matthew Lee of the Associated Press—begin the drumbeat to bring large numbers of Iraqi refugees to the US.   Here is our entire archive on Lee’s apparently personal mission. Every month as only a “trickle” […]

Maine: Rule change could reduce welfare for some immigrants

Update December 29th:  Be sure to see Daniel Greenfield’s article on Somalis and welfare in Maine at Frontpage magazine. In 2009 we wrote a post which has become one of our most-visited posts at RRW (Tenth most visited with 9,088 views).  It is entitled, ‘Somali Migration to Maine: it’s the welfare magnet, stupid.’   I’ve wondered since […]

Huntsville, Alabama: Mohammed, Mohammed, Sharif, Mohammad, Hosein arrested for buying stolen property to resell in their stores

Reader ‘pungentpeppers’ alerted us to this new twist on the immigrant-run convenience store fraud we discussed here yesterday.  (For new readers, this is a side-interest here at RRW). I wouldn’t be surprised if these perps are also into the food stamp fraud business.   In fact, a few times I’ve seen mentioned that if convenience store […]

Eric Hoffer on the Jews and refugees

I just came across this 1968 quote by Eric Hoffer, a formerly leading social thinker known as the Longshoreman Philosopher: The Jews are a peculiar people.  Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews. Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it, Poland […]

Mofaddal, Ahmed, Faisal, and Ibrahim charged with food stamp fraud in Hudson, NY

They are charged with collecting $340,000 in illegal profits from the US taxpayer. Here is the first story I saw in the Albany Times-Union: HUDSON — Four grocery store employees face federal charges for collecting more than $300,000 in profits from a food stamp scheme. Federal and county officials said the employees of the D&D’s […]