Maine: Gee, no jobs for educated refugees, what a surprise!

Nor are there jobs for your college graduate kids! Just now as I turned off the TV, President Obama was being interviewed about how to create more jobs and yesterday the Republicans were announcing their plan to flood the job market with both uneducated and educated immigrants for their big business donor friends, yet here […]

Who tried to set fire to Seattle gay night club?

Update February 2:  Police arrest Musab Mohamed Masmari on the way to the airport, here. That’s what friends of ‘Neighbors’ want to know.  The incident is described here, note how the 700 plus patrons in the club on New Year’s Eve were likely saved by the swift action of a US Army Sargent who described […]

Bhutanese refugees, depressed, accuse UN of separating families

We have written a lot lately about Bhutanese refugees in America with a very high rate of suicide. Here is one story I’ve had kicking around from New Hampshire that I never got around to posting. But, this was a big surprise to me.  It seems that refugees left behind in camps in Nepal are […]

Ann Coulter: GOP crafts immigration plan to wreck the country

Author and columnist Ann Coulter has long maintained that immigration both legal and illegal is the most critical issue facing America today.  Yesterday she penned this column blasting Republicans (this includes elected officials like Sanderson in Tennessee) who can’t see that what they are doing will kill America as we know it with the Republican […]

Tennesseans going around the mainstream media with “justice” website

Everyone of you concerned with the cost to your state of federal initiatives like the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement program should be taking a cue from activists in Tennessee where they have been tirelessly attempting to dig out the cost of the program to the taxpayers of their state.  And, more importantly, they aren’t […]

Judge reschedules sentencing date for Somali woman who sent funds to terror group, lied about it

This is a story from last week, so you may have seen it elsewhere, but even late it is worth posting because it contains a few bits of useful information.  (My apologies to the reader who sent this—I’ve lost track of who it was!) Before he sentences her for perjury, which carries a maximum sentence […]

Catholic Patriarch: Don’t move all Christians out of Syria to the West!

Expressed misgivings about refugee resettlement of Christians from throughout the Middle East to the West. From Catholic Culture: Syria’s leading Catholic prelate has voiced misgivings about refugee programs that are helping Christian families from Syria resettle in the West, saying that it is better if they remain in the Middle East. Melkite Catholic Patriarch Gregory […]

Comment worth noting: Reader reports on Minneapolis Somali fire

I asked in a comment yesterday to our Brooklyn arson post if anyone knew what was happening with the Minneapolis Somali explosion/fire investigation. Reader ‘Jewel’ sent us a recap from last week at Gates of Vienna where blogger Baron Bodissey said the following in response to reports that the fire was still “under investigation”: I’ve […]

Brooklyn culture clash and settling scores the Middle Eastern way with arson

A Syrian immigrant has been arrested and charged with arson (the poor man’s WMD), accused of hiring a thug (a dumb thug!) to get even with neighbors who complained about his buses clogging their gentrifying neighborhood. Since Syrians are so much in the news, reader ‘pungentpeppers’ sent along yet another immigrant entrepreneur crime story. As […]

Nevada: Chinese “refugee” going to prison for casino scam

The headline of the AP piece from CBS Las Vegas, calls her a “refugee” but it’s not clear if she was actually granted asylum.  Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers.’ LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Chinese woman who says she sought asylum in the U.S. after taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in 1989 was […]