Utica NY: Latest concern is refugees driving drunk

Utica police and judges say the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees needs to develop a program to stem a growing problem of refugees driving under the influence. Check out the information at the Resource Center’s website, here.  It was established by the Lutheran contractor, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. The largest number of refugees […]

Arizona: Iraqi refugee sentenced in bombing of Social Security Office

This is an update of a story we first reported in 2012.  Our two previous posts on Aldosary are here. One more expensive legal proceeding for local and federal tax payers. From the Coolidge Examiner.   Hat tip: Robin A Coolidge man awaiting prosecution in state court for murder and attempted murder, among other charges, was […]

Israeli program to pay ‘asylum seekers’ to leave is working!

And, the success so far confirms what the Israeli government has been saying all along—the majority of so-called ‘asylum seekers’ are economic migrants who do not have a legitimate claim of asylum, or they would be making it! From Haaretz: A record 1,705 African asylum seekers left Israel in February, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar announced […]

Maine brain drain! Reverse it with asylum seekers says developer turned spiritualist

He says the City of Portland “gets it,” but the rest of Maine needs to “wake up!” We’ve learned recently that as many as 70% of asylum claims are fraudulent, then there is the big NYT story about the Chinese frauds, and just this morning we learned of a large asylum fraud bust in Maryland, […]

Maryland: Asylum fraud case busted, 70 fake asylum seekers involved

We don’t know how many of the seventy fraudulent asylum claims were actually approved, but yesterday the ring leader,  Gasim Manafov, was sentenced to a measly 18 months in prison for his role in helping them prepare their lies for immigration rulings.  Two co-conspirators got one and three months respectively.   No mention of the […]

African invasion of Europe continues, this time from Morocco

Most illegal African migrants travel by sea to get to Europe, but due to a blip in the political boundary of Spain, they have a way in by land.   And, of course to get this far, Morocco must have let them through their other borders! Update February 28th:  New York Times is reporting the story […]

Refugee contractors launch PR campaign! Refugees don’t cost local taxpayers a dime!

I’ve seen several stories cross my desk in the last few days like this one from North Dakota—Lutheran Social Services trying to dispel “rumors” that local/state taxpayers are on the hook for refugees placed in their towns and cities.    The Lutherans are trying to get their hooks into Wyoming.  Could that be the motivation for […]

What is the population of Middle Eastern and North African immigrants in your state?

I was looking for something else, and I’ll post it when I find it, but the Migration Policy Institute, last fall, published this useful information on MENA immigrants in America.  Who knew that there was even a separate category for them. Before you read on, just a reminder that the Migration Policy Institute is a […]

Washington State Pakistanis arrested in convenience store fraud

They allegedly reaped hundreds of thousands of dollars through food stamp fraud, selling drugs and trafficking in stolen property, then sent money to Pakistan. Readers, since the availability of the facebook page Diversity’s Dark Side, run-of-the-mill immigrant food stamp frauds will be posted there, but this one had a couple of juicy bits that add […]

Wyoming being fed a pack of lies!

Sorry I can’t say it any other way! Here is the latest puff-piece being circulated around the country about Wyoming (the only state with no refugee resettlement program) beginning to see the light, we are told, and REQUESTING refugees.   We first reported the Republican governor’s outreach to the feds here. As these refugee puff-pieces always […]