Rush Limbaugh is wrong about Catholic Church

The other day I happened to catch a bit of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program and for the first time in over twenty years found myself shouting at the radio.   If I understood him correctly in the portion of the show I heard, Limbaugh was pretty much saying that the Catholic Church/Pope was a paragon of […]

France “black Sunday” as National Front party gains power

Marine Le Pen’s National Front party shocked French socialists yesterday with wins in local elections. From French voters have dealt a severe blow to Francois Hollande’s Socialist government in local elections. The anti-immigration far right, which claims that France’s large Muslim population is “Islamicising” the nation, made solid advances, fulfilling National Front promises to […]

Syracuse: Refugee group buys Catholic Church, will be converted to a mosque

….because Muslim refugee population is growing. It is a cold and rainy Sunday morning and I’m not easily discouraged, but I have to say this story is depressing.  Most people don’t understand that Islam marks its victories by turning Christian churches into mosques.  Surely there are other buildings available in Syracuse. ***Update*** American Thinker has […]

Obama push for amnesty responsible for flood of “unaccompanied minors’ into US

They are coming in at the rate of 120 a day! And, immigration lawyers stand ready to smooth their way!   Senator Jeff Sessions was right when he said it’s all over, amnesty is effectively here. From the Miami Herald (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’).  The story begins with the usual stars of the story and their tales […]

Is yours a “welcoming” city or state? If not, expect a visit from Lubell and company

Clarkston, Georgia has signed up! Yesterday, I gave you the latest ‘diversity is strength’ alert from Nashville, TN (Muslim immigrants busted for selling drugs from convenience stores), and I mentioned “Welcoming America” again which is the spawn of David Lubell* and “Welcoming Tennessee.” Check out this useful graphic I found at “Welcoming America’s” website:  Clarkston, […]

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society: US should bring 75,000 Syrians to US over next 5 years!

  We just mentioned earlier today that the public relations push was on to bring a large number of Syrians to the US so that federal contractors like the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) could be paid to locate them in your city or town.  Never mind that there are few jobs for them, and […]

Syrians unhappy in Sweden, not what they expected

You can’t make this up! First we have Sweden welcoming any Syrians to their country who can get there—-thousands have arrived so far. Then Sweden whines that they can’t carry the whole load and other European countries must step up and share the burden. And, now we have Newsweek doing a photo spread showcasing 12 […]

UN says Syrian refugees may destabilize Lebanon, civil war possible

This ‘news’ is all over our alerts today along with ‘news’ of Angelina Jolie visiting Syrian refugees as a special envoy for the UN.  Looks like a stepped-up PR campaign! Watch for it!—The announcement of how many Syrians the US will take this year should be out soon (or maybe it’s out already?).  Will it […]

Nashville: More immigrant entrepreneurs busted!

Diversity is strength!  Right Mr. Lubell? Nashville, Tennessee is the premier Bible belt destination city for refugee and immigrant migration thanks to people like David Lubell and his old friends (Avi Poster and Tom Negri) at ‘Welcoming Tennessee.’ Regular readers know that Lubell used his ‘Welcoming Tennessee’ franchise to turn it into ‘Welcoming America’ and […]