Kentucky, a Wilson-Fish state, has had its share of negative refugee news

Update June 1:  More negative news—refugee charged with ripping off resettlement contractor and a whole lot more, here. Kentucky isn’t the largest of the refugee resettlement states but falls within the top 20 for the number of refugees it receives.  In a recent 5 year period—2006-2011—Kentucky resettled 7,883 refugees making it the 17th largest resettlement […]

Turkey: We don’t want those Syrian refugees either!

At least not permanently. The UN has been falling all over itself praising Turkey for months for its acceptance of an estimated 1 million Syrians who have streamed across the border to escape the Syrian civil war.  Most of those leaving Syria are Muslims. Now, we learn that  Muslim Turkey will not accept any Syrian […]

North Dakota: Somali machete-man could get up to 5 years for attack

Diversity is strength alert!   We could have a “pocket of resistance” developing in North Dakota. Where is ‘Welcoming America’ when you need them? Wow!  A whole 5 years max in the slammer!  How about deportation (for both of them)? And, of course, here we have another trial with more court costs for interpreters! Is […]

Measles on the rise in US, foreign travel blamed

It was all over the news yesterday, Measles, once thought virtually eradicated in the US is back. I guess Measles will soon join TB as a disease on the rise in the US thanks to our out of control immigration policy.  Is “foreign travel” code for the verboten word—“immigration?” Here is the story at the […]

It is not too late, you have until 5 p.m. Eastern time today to submit comments to the US State Department

If you are arriving here for the first time and missed it, the US State Department is accepting comments on how many refugees the US will resettle in Fiscal Year 2015 and from where they will come. Go here for instructions on how to submit your testimony. We encourage all of you to make your […]

Travel loans for refugees and the audacity of those money-grubbing Lutherans

I don’t know whether to roll on the floor laughing my head off or scream when I see brazen fundraising appeals like this one from Linda Hartke (who makes over $200,000 a year as CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service). Here is what she said in a recent appeal to followers about travel loans: […]

Norway accepting fewer asylum seekers, Canada too!

….but, what is the US Justice Department hiding? This is a long article published on the same day as the European Union parliament elections (surely before the results were in)—elections which clearly demonstrated that Europeans from various countries are beginning to stand up and demand that Europe put its own ethnic people first.   See French […]

Elections have consequences! French riot police storm Calais migrant camps

The invasion of Europe hits a road block! Wow!  That was fast.  Not even a week has passed since the European Union was turned on its head by a stunning victory for immigration control candidates in EU parliamentary elections. If you don’t know about Calais, please visit our many previous posts by clicking here.  Like […]

Another Lutheran lobbying campaign, this time for the illegal alien kids

Sheesh, they are busy and must be rolling in your dough, but they better not be!  They better be keeping very good records to show that they aren’t using federal grant money for their immigration “advocacy” campaigns! Just a few days ago we told you about how the multi-million dollar Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services […]