Senators McCain and Graham want new special refugee admissions program for the “children”

The leading military hawks in the US Senate—McCain and Graham—lecturing us about how we must control borders in the Middle East with bombs and guns, are virtually welcoming an invading army to America! And, they are on the same page with the open borders refugee lobbyists in DC. Here is a story (making my head […]

UNHCR says US has pledged “open-ended resettlement numbers” for Syrians

What the heck does “open-ended” mean? We have been puzzled in recent weeks about why there is no announcement from the US State Department about the number of Syrians they expect to resettle in the US this fiscal year (the fiscal year ends Sept. 30th).  As regular visitors to RRW  know, the contractors*** want 12,000-15,000 […]

Lansing, Michigan likely to get illegal alien kids, but it is all hush-hush

And, we are told that Lansing has been very “welcoming” to refugees in the past. The Office of Refugee Resettlement continues its site shopping….. Note it’s the Lutherans again here!  (Remember they are contracted by the feds to serve the kids!). From City Pulse: So long as they are not Mexican or Canadian, unaccompanied children […]

US Catholic Bishops chairman: Kids coming across border should be viewed as “refugees”

I would have some respect for the Catholic Bishops if with each of their statements like this one they publish a disclaimer along with it. The disclaimer would go something like this:  It should be noted that the largest share of the money we use for helping refugees and the “children” coming across the border […]

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society praises federal agencies for “responding to anti-refugee resettlement backlash”

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is one of the nine top federal resettlement contractors.***  Thanks to Joanne for spotting their published testimony to the US State Department last month.  Daily readers know that the State Department has refused to make public any testimony they received. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society’s statement is here.  Check it […]

Sweden: whole school class of girls had genitals mutilated

Diversity is strength alert!     As long-time readers know, Sweden is my bet for the first European country to fall to Islamic dominance.  We have an extensive archive, click here, on the insane Swedish Leftists who have opened their doors wide to any Muslim migrants who can get there! Here is a story from […]

Lexington, KY: World Refugee Day event visited by Americans First

Could a new “pocket of resistance” be building in Kentucky? As you know, political leaders in several cities are voicing their concerns about the large numbers of refugees placed in their cities and as a result putting enormous strain on social service and school system budgets.  We reported yesterday about requests for moratoriums on further […]

Second largest religious tradition by state; Islam in 20 states

This is old news by a few weeks, but Debbie sent me this very informative map today that was published at The Blaze a couple of weeks ago and I think it’s a good addition to our ‘where to find information’ category.    And, perhaps a good companion to our refugee statistics regarding top languages spoken […]

Major media mentions refugee resettlement moratorium calls in New England

Thanks to everyone who has sent me one version or another of this story about calls for refugee resettlement moratoriums in Springfield, Mass, Lewiston, Maine, and Manchester, NH.***    Regular readers here know the problems in those three New England cities well, so it is not news to us. However…. What is news is that […]