Comment worth noting: “I always laugh when people talk about ‘non-profit’ companies as being altruistic…”

Reader ‘sodiumpen’ sent us this comment and I wanted to be sure you saw it (because I haven’t carefully followed the newest federal illegal alien contractor Southwest Key Programs as well as I should have!).  Sodiumpen posted this as a comment to our post from yesterday about Pittsburgh, here.   Those Lutherans we wrote about his […]

Call Congress! Kill the bill! Vote ‘NO!’ on Boehner border bailout bill

Keep it simple, call the Capitol switchboard at  (202) 224-3121 and tell your Member of Congress to Vote NO! And, tell them to use some of their extensive vacation time to visit the border and then close the d*** thing! ***Update*** Can’t get through?  Find their district office numbers!

Baltimore: Lutheran contractor prays in ritzy neighborhood to demonstrate how Maryland welcomes the illegal children

Yeah sure… Linda Hartke, CEO of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, led a prayer vigil for the “chiiildruunn” in their own swanky back yard—-the Inner Harbor of Baltimore—yesterday.   The multi-million dollar federal refugee contractor has its headquarters there. Gee, why weren’t the “faith leaders” parading and praying through Baltimore’s seedy side? And, of course, the […]

Pittsburgh at “tipping point” as refugee population mushrooms

Could we be seeing a new “pocket of resistance” growing, this time in Pennsylvania? UH-OH!  Last year at the Lancaster, PA refugee pow-wow I attended, the ORR speaker assured the audience that there were no pockets in PA. From the Pittsburgh Tribune (hat tip: Paul): Pittsburgh and surrounding communities have reached a “tipping point” and […]

Majority of Americans say US has no moral obligation to offer asylum

  Truth-be-told, it would be an overwhelming majority (not 53%) if the general public had any knowledge (as you do, as readers of RRW) about how the process works and who is getting paid to ‘help’ the mostly economic migrants (not refugees!) get here.  This poll and our previous post should send a message to […]

VDARE writer summarizes important message for Republicans from over-looked report

Back in February, the Eagle Forum produced a report that could serve as a blueprint for any Republican running for office about how campaigning on the issue of  reducing immigration numbers (yes, even LEGAL immigration) is a winner. And, it isn’t just about winning the election, but saving the Republic. The report went largely unnoticed […]

Massachusetts (again!) Ghanaian pooping ‘bush boy’ bites off roommate’s thumb

Diversity is strength alert! For a little levity, because we need it sometimes….. From the Berkshire Eagle  (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’).  I’m imaging the reporter writing this with a straight face: PITTSFIELD — A Pittsfield man was found guilty of a felony for nearly biting off part of his roommate’s thumb last winter during an altercation […]

Dover, NH update: Refugee contractor cancels public meeting, no surprise

On Sunday, we reported that the town of Dover, New Hampshire and a couple of other towns in the area were being targeted for a new resettlement site for impoverished third-worlders presumably because nearby Manchester is overloaded and has become a “pocket of resistance.” New readers, see our post Sunday, for background. Now here comes […]

They aren’t just all poor Central American “children”

This news is not new to us, we have many posts written over the years about illegal aliens caught coming across the US border from countries that have spawned terrorists, who then seek asylum and often get it.  Earlier reports indicate that they travel great distances, some through Russia, then to Cuba and on to […]

Congress flooded with calls today to stop the Obama amnesty

Update!  The Federation for American Immigration Reform has an action alert out tonight with more specific instructions for calling Congress as Speaker Boehner prepares a flawed bill for the House floor.  To learn more click here. If you didn’t participate in melting the phone lines on Monday, it’s not too late—call your elected officials in […]