Human rights activists complain about stricter asylum rules…

….but don’t get too excited about the possibility that the Obama Administration is seeing the light because as we learned last week, thousands of illegals who entered the country this past summer aren’t even showing up for court! Thousands have just disappeared into the woodwork of America presumably planning to wait it out until Obama […]

American Jews beat up on Israel for not allowing African migrants to stay

Whew! This article in the Jewish Times featuring Jewish leaders in Maryland leading a campaign against Israel on the issue of asylum for tens of thousands of African migrants who got into Israel illegally is just too much.  I’ll let you read it yourself. We have covered the issue extensively in our category ‘Israel and […]

Joe Biden’s Delaware one of the states hammered with ‘Unaccompanied alien children’

This is from an AP story so the reporter is looking to balance her piece with some nice sounding quotes from beleaguered educators, but it is nonetheless informative. According to AP almost all US states are experiencing the problem of trying to educate teenagers many of whom are illiterate in their own languages (some are […]

International Rescue Committee study: refugees like cash better than services

They did not study refugees resettled in the US, but I’ll bet they would opt for cold hard cash over stuff too. Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, the CEO of one of our top nine resettlement contractors, the International Rescue Committee, who himself likes cash (and is paid nearly a half million dollars as […]

Liberians can thank Ebola (and Senator Jack Reed) for extended stay in the US

Temporary Protected Status for Liberians should have ended years ago, but now, thanks to Ebola, they will get a reprieve and stay for what will amount to another decade or forever. I wasn’t going to post this story (I mentioned the possibility of the Ebola excuse, here already) until several readers sent it to me […]

Australia’s refugee deal with Cambodia infuriates ‘human rights’ industry activists

I meant to write this post last week as the deal was coming to fruition and the human rights gangsters/no borders activists were screaming their heads off, but didn’t get to it and now I see that the deal has been sealed. Australia is planning to allow some ‘asylum seekers’ who broke into Australia illegally […]

Michigan writer: we should take all the Syrians and Iraqis we can get!

I suspect this opinion writer (C.A. Joseph Peters) from Ypsilanti, Michigan writing in The Eastern Echo is connected in some way to federal resettlement contractor US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, but there is no mention of his affiliation and we are thus expected to believe he is just a member of John Q. Public. […]

Another beheading threat (this time, just a threat) in Oklahoma involves Kenyan immigrant

Or at least he says he is Kenyan.  We get a lot of “refugees” and other legal immigrants who pass through Kenya, but are not really Kenyans.  We don’t know how this one—Jacob Mugambi Muriithi—got here, but thought this needed to be posted. 3,972 supposed refugees came to us through Kenya this fiscal year alone.  […]

US agrees to take MORE of Malta’s illegal aliens!

Why is this in our national interest? This is insane!  Illegal aliens (mostly Somalis) arrive on the island nation of Malta and we transform them into legitimate refugees and fly them to America!  We have been following this perversion of the refugee program for years (longer than the 5 years mentioned in this short article—the […]

Relatives of Syrian refugees join ISIS

  So how will security screening be done for the thousands of Syrians expected to enter the US from Turkey? From CCTVAmerica (China*** News outlet): Turkey is now host to more than 144,000 new Syrian refugees who have fled Islamic State battles in the past week. Some have relatives now fighting for IS. CCTV America’s […]