Update on Russian gays seeking asylum in the US

Here is Yahoo News filling us in on one of the latest projects of the Open Borders movement—getting Russian gays accepted in the US as refugees. We have written about this ‘project’ previously here and here. From Yahoo News (hat tip: Robin): There are no firm statistics on the number of gay Russian asylum seekers; […]

600 more Muslim migrants arrive in Crete; anger grows

The Invasion of Europe continues…. Remember earlier in the week we reported that Syrians in Athens were hunger-striking for the “right” to move on to a wealthier, more generous European country, now Greece has hundreds more Syrians to deal with. But, the story isn’t half as interesting as the comments which  are dominated by people […]

Why are we taking “refugees” from South Africa? (admission in KY Thanksgiving dinner story)

Reader Robin sent us this on Wednesday, but I didn’t post earlier simply because I didn’t want to sound mean by begrudging anyone a nice Thanksgiving dinner, but today is different—call me mean if it makes you feel better! You should know that one of the favorite PR gambits of the US refugee resettlement contractors […]

UK Sky News: 13 Somali refugees convicted in teenage girl sex ring case

  Update November 29th:  “Raping little girls is a religious requirement….”  See Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Magazine, here. While you were having your Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, the Bristol Crown Court was revealing to the British public the extent of the crimes perpetrated by a sex slavery ring run by Somali refugees in Bristol. By the […]

Eden Prairie, MN losing Somali population due to lack of low-income housing?

This very lengthy story at USA Today is an important read to learn about the battle that occurred there in recent years over the diversity-created achievement gap in the schools when large numbers of Somali refugees arrived. It is well-worth reading so that your community might be prepared for the day when your Muslim population […]

Two Minneapolis men charged in attempt to join ISIS Jihadists

Isn’t it funny (not!) that the headline everywhere on this story calls them “Minneapolis men.”  There is surely not one headline with the words ‘Somalis we raised with our tax dollars give us the finger, join Jihad!’  Actually, when you read the story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune you can see that one of the […]

Syrian hunger strikers in Athens want passports so they can leave

Update November 30th:  We want a better country! (here). They apparently aren’t looking for Greece to give them asylum there, they must want to move on to a more desirable European country (Germany? the UK?) and the invasion of Europe continues. From World Bulletin: About 500 Syrian refugees including women and children have staged their sixth […]

Malta: “Patriots” protest against illegal aliens; fear Muslim takeover of Malta

  Patriots!  (I do love the Tea Party lingo!) Some of the people of Malta have had it with the huge influx of illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East and have now joined France, the UK, Sweden, and Italy (among others) in forming a political movement in an effort to halt immigration into […]

Norway Intelligence Service warns terrorists may pose as Syrian refugees and asylum seekers

Really, no kidding! Norway has already had 10,000 asylum claims this year with 1,700 from Syria. From The Nordic Page: PST [Police Intelligence Service] is concerned that people with extreme militant connections in Syria come to Norway. Talking to TV2, PST superintendent Svein Erik Molstad said their main concern is individuals misusing refugees and asylum […]

First Bhutanese refugee advocacy day on Capitol Hill; they would like Congress to help them get home

In 2007, just as RRW was getting off the ground, the Bush Administration said that the US would “welcome” 60,000 Bhutanese (mostly Hindu) here over 5 years (read one of many accounts, here). We are now up to 80,000 of the Bhutanese (really Nepali people) who were booted out of Bhutan after living there for […]