Malta: “Patriots” protest against illegal aliens; fear Muslim takeover of Malta

‘Maltese patriots’ march past group of African Muslims in Saturday’s anti-immigration protest. They want Malta for the Maltese people. Photo: Ray Attard


Patriots!  (I do love the Tea Party lingo!)

Some of the people of Malta have had it with the huge influx of illegal aliens from Africa and the Middle East and have now joined France, the UK, Sweden, and Italy (among others) in forming a political movement in an effort to halt immigration into Europe.

From Malta Today:

Malta could become a Muslim state within the next 20 years, according to Alex Pisani, the president of the self-declared Organisation of Maltese Patriots (Ghaqda Patrijotti Maltin).

“The people don’t yet know what integration means, it is like giving people full citizenship rights,” Pisani said. “These people will then also be able to bring their family members over. At this rate, we expect Malta to become an African or Muslim state within the next 20 years. Islam is slowly taking over Europe, but we have one religion- Catholicism, and we are proud of it.”

He was speaking right before the organisation’s second anti-immigration protest on Saturday morning, this time with a specific emphasis on their perceived problems brought about by integration with foreign cultures.

Pisani, 61, of Valletta, and the owner of a confectionery, again denied being a racist.

“I’m not fighting for my skin colour but for my Maltese identity,” he explained.

Although here I must say, watching Ferguson, MO burn while the US has a black President could make one wonder if the white race is under siege around the world.  Race relations in America have probably been set back decades by lack of respect for the rule of law and the violent mobs destroying other peoples’ lives and property in Ferguson.

Urging the fearful to come out and express their opinions publicly, Pisani went on to say this this:

“This is your future we’re fighting for,” Pisani told onlookers. “You should be ashamed of yourselves for not uniting with us in this protest.”

The protest ended outside Castille, with Pisani praising the cheering crowd for being “true patriots” and criticising the people who only share their anti-immigration views on Facebook.

Puppets of the EU!

When asked whether his support for such parties means that he is in favour of Malta leaving the European Union, Pisani said that it will work out well for Malta as “we have become puppets of the EU.” 

For our extensive archive on Malta’s illegal alien problem going back seven years, click here.  Maltese readers topped our list of the largest number of readers outside the US two weeks ago, here.

New readers should know that we are bringing hundreds of those illegal aliens to the US every year.  See our most recent post on that subject.

Our ‘Invasion of Europe’ series is here.  You really need to know what is happening in Europe because the American press is not saying a word about the popular anti-immigration uprising on the Continent.

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  1. Whoa! “the white race is under siege”? The black race in America is under an economic siege! Their great-grandfathers – even if they did not get much education – at least they had JOBS! They were bakers, barbers, painters, plumbers and masons. They worked as auto mechanics, handymen, gardeners, tree trimmers, watchmen, porters, and cooks. Some owned the corner store or worked in the local luncheonette. Maybe they drove a cab or made deliveries. Others worked in restaurants and hotels, or cleaned offices at night. Some were farmers or dairymen. These jobs I mention were traditional sources of employment for American black men. The jobs still exist, but who is working in these jobs? It’s not American blacks. Our society prefers to import labor rather than develop and use the skills of our own people. Now both black and white young Americans cannot get jobs. We are in this together – and we are sinking our own ship.

    1. Good point… I was just so ticked off this morning. There are a lot of white people I know in rural communities that are on edge and this violence and lawlessness in Ferguson is only going to make them angrier… they are going to be saying ‘told you so’ to me!

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