Daniel Pipes: Sweden opting for suicide by immigration?

That’s a good way of asking what our reporting for years seems to be leading to for Sweden.  Yesterday Daniel Pipes writing at National Review Online reports on how close the Swedes are to committing cultural suicide. NRO: Woe to anyone in Sweden who dissents from the orthodox view that welcoming large numbers of indigent […]

Letter writer: Refugee resettlement an affront to States’ Rights

This letter to the editor from the Battle Creek Enquirer showed up in my alerts today.  I’m posting it for a couple of reasons.  First it raises that all-important point of States’ Rights and whether the federal government has the authority to simply drop off refugees to be cared for on the state and local […]

Syrians in Cyprus: How These People Operate!

Editor’s note: Thanks to reader ‘Pungentpeppers’ for pulling together some important information for us in this guest post.   Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Cyprus say that they are “at a breaking point”.  You might remember hearing about them.  In September, 337 of them were headed – illegally – to Italy when their boat broke […]

Swedish Somalis on trial in New York, suicide bombings are a forgivable sin…

….kind of like masturbation! Since we just posted about “welcoming” Sweden it seems like a good time to mention a couple of the charming new Swedes they are exporting! From the New York Daily News (hat tip:  crime investigator extraordinaire, ‘Pungentpeppers,’ who always finds the juiciest news!): A reputed terrorist facing trial in Brooklyn likened […]

Another mosque fire in Sweden—the land that hands out welfare goodies and loves diversity

We reported on a previous arson fire involving a Swedish mosque, here a few days ago. (Update: Not so fast, more investigations fail to prove arson, here.)  I do hope we learn who is ultimately responsible because I have become so cynical that I think there is a chance that either other Muslims with grudges […]

Director of the Office or Refugee Resettlement Resigns

This is a story we missed earlier this month, but Chris Coen at Friends of Refugees blog spotted the news and reported on it here. (Hat tip: Joanne) Eskinder Negash, who has served as the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement for the last six years, tendered his resignation on December 9th, see it […]

Syrian Christian refugees headed to Turkey

Rarely do we see news about the persecuted Christians of Syria.  What we have seen indicated many were still in Syria and protected by the Assad government.  For new readers, when you see news of the hundreds of thousands of Syrians flooding into UN camps in Lebanon and Jordan, those are mostly Sunni Muslims (thus […]

What is going on with the UNHCR in Malaysia, and why are we taking all these “refugees?”

I wish I knew who we were processing into America from Malaysia.  As I told readers here recently we have already “welcomed” to America, 1,504 “refugees” from the safe Muslim country in only the first two months of the fiscal year. Why is it in our national interest to relieve Malaysia of some of its […]

Diversity is strength alert! Albanian ‘youths’ arrested, charged with hate crime in NY…

…. also update below on Albanian gangsters in Philadelphia. Before you read on please see one of several posts we have written on how the Clinton Administration opened the flood gates to mostly Muslim Albanian so-called ‘refugees’ in 1999, here.  By the way, I just a week or so ago printed out the damning National […]

Indonesia wants to put Muslim asylum seekers on an island; blasts Australia for lack of welcome

This is actually pretty funny!  Indonesia, a Muslim country, has long served as a transit route for the Middle Eastern and African illegal aliens (boat people) wanting to get into Australia, but Australia has been attempting to stop the illegal migration and is now guarding its borders.  Consequently, the pile-up of “asylum seekers” in Indonesia […]