St. Cloud professor Luke Tripp is professional agitator on behalf of Somali refugees

Five years ago next month we wrote about Luke Tripp and now we see he is still busy agitating and creating tension in the latest incident in St. Cloud involving a high school and Somalis demonstrating and claiming they are being mistreated in the school system because of their race. Tripp is doing what Obama […]

Maryland alert! Tell new REPUBLICAN Governor Hogan to oppose Obama Amnesty

This is just maddening!  Maryland Republicans worked hard and were overjoyed to elect a Republican governor last fall and now we see that on immigration the Democrat extreme Leftwing Open Borders crowd, led by Attorney General Brian Frosh, is still running the show in Maryland. Here is Help Save Maryland on what you can do! […]

Spartanburg, SC update: Citizens want resettlement agency/feds to present a plan to the community for public review and discussion

Update and correction:  Pastor Chris Pollard has asked us to make it clear to our readers that his organization, Come Closer Spartanburg, has not asked for nor received any federal funding for resettlement of refugees in Spartanburg.  We are glad to report that his group’s Christian charity comes from their members and not the federal […]

St. Cloud propaganda program: Why you should hire a Somali, or is it really, why you shouldn’t!

Just as the chaos was coming to a head at Tech High School in St. Cloud over the last ten days or so, a couple of employment specialists held a seminar on hiring St. Cloud Somalis (they are more mature we are told). As you read this see if you react the way I did!  […]

In refugee-saturated Buffalo, NY, violence leaves Burmese refugee paralyzed

This is a story we have written before, not the specific refugee nor the specific city, but the story about violence perpetrated against refugees as the resettlement contractors overload poor neighborhoods with third world refugees (many of whom have lived protected lives in UN camps) who don’t know how to live among thugs who are […]

As Muslim population grows, the Islamization of Kenya is underway

Update April 2nd:  Somali Islamists slaughter 147 mostly Christians in Kenya today, here. This is an excellent summary of how it is happening—whether it’s the Islamization of Europe, Christian countries in Africa, like Kenya, and eventually in Minneapolis, Dearborn and a town near you—as the Muslim population expands, Muslim leaders increase their demands that infidels […]

Wilders speaks in Vienna, calls again for a halt to Muslim immigration to the West

There is one brave political leader shouting from the roof tops across Europe that citizens must speak up and demand a halt to the Hijrah, the migration of Muslims to the West, whose goal is simply-put: to destroy the West from within. From (appropriately) the Gates of Vienna blog (Geert Wilders speech in Vienna last […]

Grover Norquist does real damage to himself in Glenn Beck interview, five years after chalk board incident

I hope you caught Glenn Beck’s Blaze TV tonight and Beck’s interview with Mr. Open Borders himself Grover Norquist (hat tip: Kelly).  We have a large archive on Norquist the Washington Republican political guru and friend of Karl Rove who many believe (and Beck confirms) has a wide variety of questionable Muslim Brotherhood-connected friends. Go […]

Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota is responsible for the Somali chaos in St. Cloud

If you are angry (about the tension in St. Cloud) and want one entity to blame, it is Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, the primary federal refugee resettlement agency working in St. Cloud! That supposedly ‘Christian’ charitable organization is directly responsible for the high Somali numbers in St. Cloud, and they are jointly responsible for […]