Catholics want their cake and eat it too! Again!

Your tax dollars: Here is one more whiny opinion piece by a Catholic ‘leader’ about the Obama Administration order that says if you get federal money, you have to offer abortion services.  That puts the US Conference of Catholic Bishops between a rock and a hard place doesn’t it?  They can’t take care of the […]

Sweden: Somali woman says Islam is NOT a religion of peace; Koran creates “killing machines”

Is there a glimmer of hope here? And, does this mean that it isn’t until the average Somali gets to the West and is indoctrinated into their ‘faith’ that they become “killing machines?”  So, if that indoctrination happens when the Somali refugee gets to Sweden, is it happening in the US too?  Are the mosques […]

Residents of St. Cloud, MN get more facts on refugee resettlement

If you have just dropped in here at RRW today for the first time, you should read our report from my visit to St. Cloud, MN, a small city a little over an hour from Minneapolis where Lutheran Social Service is dropping off Somali refugees who are now causing tension in the school system. Although […]

CIS: Important testimony on Obama’s new “rogue” refugee plan for Central American ‘kids’

Last week the brave and indefatigable Senator Jeff Sessions held a hearing in his Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, about Obama’s new refugee program for Central American Minors (CAM) program. Once again, Obama is writing immigration law from the White House as he colonizes your towns with “new” Americans. For […]

Idaho to get an influx of Syrian refugees beginning in October

Update April 30th:  We received this e-mail from the Times-News asking us to remove the photo we posted of Muslims praying in a Magic Valley mosque. As soon as we saw Mr. Nash’s request we honored it. This is the Chief Photographer of the Times-News and Please remove our image from your site. You […]

UN wants the West to take in one million refugees over 5 years; Wilders calls it invitation to Jihadist infiltrators

Update April 30th:  Two Muslim Congressmen try to block Geert Wilders appearance in America, here. I’m off again today, this time to DC and, alas, have no time to post much, but wanted to get this excellent article from Fox News posted before I catch the train.   Hat tip: Richard at Blue Ridge Forum. Thank […]

Wichita, Kansas schools floundering; 81 languages spoken in the school district

Red states turn blue as towns are colonized across the heartland! If your community is considering “welcoming” refugees, please pay attention!  Spartanburg are you listening! Once you open a resettlement office in your town, the flow will NOT end! I tell every group I speak to that the schools will be the first place to […]

Former Gitmo prisoners we sent to Uruguay as refugees demanding that the US give them money

This was one more case of the Obama Administration re-writing (perverting!) refugee law when they declared that Guantanamo Bay prisoners were really “refugees” to be resettled by the South American country of Uruguay.  We told you about the outrage here in December (see who in the Obama Administration made the call). Now, the bloom is […]

Is the Left using Islam, or is it the other way around?

That’s a question I think about from time to time.  I happen to think Islam is using the political Left, or no, more precisely, I believe that Islam will destroy the Left the first chance it gets, no matter which side is the number one user right now. However, LOL!, I don’t spend too much […]

Little Mogadishu update: Somali refugee tweeted death threat against US Attorney General

Gee, is that Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch he wants to “whack?” Little Mogadishu is of course Minneapolis! Don’t miss it!  Also, on Friday Rep. Keith Ellison went to the Somali neighborhood to calm the youths! (Here) I wish I knew all this excitement was going on when I was in the neighborhood on Friday! […]