NumbersUSA Presidential hopefuls scorecard on immigration and jobs

NumbersUSA logoAlthough they don’t have a score for positions on the Refugee Admissions Program of the US State Department and how it too affects jobs, NumbersUSA has two areas in which they score potential 2016 Presidential candidates that give some idea of where the candidate might stand on refugee resettlement—they score on that horrible Diversity visa lottery and chain migration.
See their scores here (Worker-protection immigration scorecard!)  I think you will find it as fascinating as I did!
Remember readers that the nine major federal resettlement contractors all support AMNESTY, Obama’s deportation moratorium, and actively lobbied for the Senate-passed ‘Gang of Eight’ bill.

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  1. This chart fast forwards on my growing suspicion that both the Republicans and Democrats are soft on Immigration, with one exception. That said Hillary, Bernie and Liz appear eager to sell the country down the river, and are proud of it. I was hoping that Ben Carson would have a strainer showing. If he is waffling, it doesn’t look good.

    1. Here is one problem with the rating. If a candidate has no record of public office, then they fill out a questionnaire and if some staffer fills it out, or the candidate doesn’t know the issues, they can make a huge mistake in answering the questions… Like ‘diversity visa lottery’ who the heck really knows how that monster works. So, if you have any access to Ben Carson, maybe alert him to be sure he has gotten guidance filling out the questionnaire.

      1. Good idea and great insight. Flattering that you even fleetingly think that I have any access to Ben Carson. No, I’m just one simple soldier. If I can make even a microscopic difference, it’ll be worth it. I’ll check his web site and plagiarize your insight :).

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