Trump improves immigration score at NumbersUSA, but Diversity Visa Lottery opposition should be no-brainer for all Republicans

Trump still trails Santorum and Walker.
There has been much controversy surrounding recent statements by Presidential candidate Donald Trump regarding his position on a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens, but it seems his team has worked to clarify recent statesments over the last day or so.  Here is Roy Beck at NumbersUSA last evening on Trump’s score (now a C +) at their all-important ‘Worker-Protection Immigration Grade Cards.’

Bring up that score instantly! Roy Beck’s phone should ring off the hook today with candidates reporting that they support ending the Visa Lottery!

This is Beck’s clarification:

After a lot of criticism over the weekend of his recent remarks about letting the “good” illegal aliens stay, Donald Trump has gone on national media to clarify his remarks about amnesty — a bit. There is still a lot of confusion about the details of his stance, and it is likely that he has not yet thought about those policy details.

On the basis of the new details he has provided in the last two days, NumbersUSA is changing his amnesty rating from HARMFUL to MIXED on our Worker-Protection Immigration Grade Cards. (See all ratings and grades for 21 Presidential Hopefuls at: www.

With that change and the ratings he has on the other nine immigration categories, Trump has raised his overall grade to a C+, which again puts him in the No. 3 spot among all 21 Presidential Hopefuls of both Parties.

(Rick Santorum earns an A grade, and Scott Walker earns a B-minus as the only Hopefuls whose policy stances on 10 immigration issues are more positive toward American workers and their families.)

Many thanks to all of you Trump supporters who sent messages in one way or another to the Trump campaign to improve what he was saying about legalizing illegal aliens. This is what supporters of every candidate ought to be doing. We provide contact information on each candidate. Just click on the photos on

Again, the scorecard is here.

Diversity Visa Lottery is an abomination!

The last issue on the card is “End Visa Lottery.”   Of all the candidates, only former Senator Rick Santorum understands enough to flat out oppose it.

Think about it, we admit on average 50,000 LEGAL immigrants a year through a lottery system!  An [expletive deleted] lottery!

I explained the lottery (also sometimes referred to as the ‘green card lottery’) in some detail here back in May when it was learned that there is some fear of terrorism rearing its head in the mostly Muslim Uzbek community in New York.  A large number of those Uzbeks won the lottery.
Demonstrating that some in Washington know that the lottery is an abomination, ten years ago the House voted to kill it, but the Senate never acted:

In December 2005, the United States House of Representatives voted 273–148 to add an amendment to the border enforcement bill H.R. 4437 abolishing the DV. Opponents of the lottery said it was susceptible to fraud and was a way for terrorists to enter the country. The Senate never passed the bill.

The express purpose of Senator Ted Kennedy’s lottery is to add diversity to America!  Every Republican candidate should call NumbersUSA right now and say they flat-out oppose the lottery! 

Legal immigrants to America should be chosen based on what they would contribute to America, not because we don’t have enough of their particular ethnicity here!

P.S. Note to Beck! Reform (or stop altogether!) Refugee Resettlement Program should be a new scorecard category.
Related update!  Please read this important article by Mickey Kaus (mentions Trump) but most importantly informs us that Kaus is re-thinking his earlier view of legal immigration and beginning to see Ann Coulter’s important point—all immigration must be curtailed at least for now.

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  1. Trump seems to have started the process of tempering his original aggressive un-equivocating message now that he thinks that he has a shot. Further dilution wouldn’t surprise me. He seems to be the last best hope so he can more or less dictate terms. We have fallen a long, long away since the days of Truman and Eisenhower.

  2. The idea that, even with Minneapolis becoming Somaliapolis and Nashville sporting a ‘Little Kurdistan,’ we still need a Diversity Lottery bringing in 50,000 more legal immigrants each year, because we are still insufficiently diverse, goes beyond insane and lurches zombie-like into criminal irresponsibility.

  3. (dated May 2011) (November 10, 2011)
    H.R. 704 amends the Immigration and Nationality Act to
    eliminate the diversity immigrant program.
    Approximately 12.1 million applications were submitted for the DV-2011 program (16.5 million when derivative
    immediate relatives are added)…. [T]he State Department randomly selected 100,600 applications as “selectees” who may then apply for visas at the consular offices nearest them.
    In addition to entry fraud, the visa lottery program has spawned a cottage industry in the United States for sponsors
    who falsely promise success in exchange for large sums of money. This problem is so pervasive that the State Department’s
    media notice announcing electronic filing carried the following “Important Notice”: NO fee is charged to enter the annual DV program.
    At an April 5, 2011, hearing on the SAFE for America Act, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Visa
    Services, Tony Edson, testified about the many types of fraud he and his colleagues saw in the program.
    He stated that visa lottery fraud, “includes . . . multiple entries, fraudulent claims to education and work
    experience, pop-up spouses or family members, relatives added after the application is submitted, and false claims for
    employment or financial support in the United States.”\17\ And he noted that unscrupulous third-party agents often enroll
    individuals in the visa lottery without the individual’s knowledge. If the person is selected for the lottery, the agent then sells the “winning” visa lottery slot to the highest bidder.
    Any potential terrorist who did win the DV lottery could live here freely, and come and go with little scrutiny. In
    fact, a number of immigrants who have been accused or convicted in connection with terrorism plots have entered in this manner. For instance, Hesham Hedayet, an Egyptian terrorist who killed two and wounded several others at Los Angeles International Airport on July 4, 2002, was a lawful permanent resident who received his green card through the DV program
    The United States should select, out of the many millions of persons who would like to immigrate to the U.S., those who
    most contribute to the national interest.
    [BUT] In a 2007 report, the GAO “found no documented evidence that DV immigrants . . . posed a terrorist or other
    Moreover, rather than making Americans safer and improving our current immigration system, eliminating the DV program is
    likely to create greater problems for our immigration system. As Sen. Schumer explains in his letter opposing the bill:
    The DV Program also plays a helpful role in enhancing America’s security. As our world becomes ever more
    interconnected, our border patrol is facing increased challenges from immigrants who seek to enter the United
    States through our land borders even though they are coming from Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The DV
    Program reduces incentives for illegal immigration by encouraging prospective immigrants to wait for years at
    home until they win the lottery, as opposed to attempting to enter illegally.
    [ Perhaps we should elect members of congress by lottery, so as to discourage them from attempting unseemly alliances for short-term gain. ]

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