Action Alert! If you live in the DC area and are concerned about the refugee problem, please attend the Senate hearing

You know the community activists who are already upset that Obama wants to admit (only!) 85,000 refugees to the US starting tomorrow while they want 200,000, will be crowding in to the Refugee Resettlement oversight hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. They have lots of community (open borders) agitators, paid employees and interns in the […]

It's official: Presidential Determination for FY 2016 published yesterday—85,000 refugees for the US starting tomorrow

Here is the White House announcement (posted in full below). (I’m still looking for the very detailed report, like this one for FY 2015, that is supposed to have been available weeks ago.  If you see it let me know!) One thing I would like to know, and you probably would too, is WHY ARE […]

Letters to the editor on Syrian 'refugees!' An example of what you can do!

We just mentioned a letter to the editor in Syracuse, NY that has stirred debate there about the mayor’s plea for the resettlement of more Syrian (mostly Muslim) refugees for that city. Now, here (below) is a Letter to the editor from Montana in response to a cartoon featured at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle on […]

Brenda Walker at VDARE tells us something positive about NYT article on South Carolina, Hijra mentioned

Update October 1:  Michael Cutler tells us more about the SC meeting where the NYT reporter failed to mention what the meeting was about and that Cutler had come to speak. Hat tip: Paula She says that perhaps the NYT reporter I was so critical of, here, might have inadvertently caused readers to do a […]

Syracuse citizens not happy with Mayor's invite to Syrians

We told you, here, the other day about Syracuse mayor Stephanie Miner inviting more*** Syrian ‘refugees’ to Syracuse, but it appears her constituents are not thrilled. Here is a portion of a letter to the editor (Mayor, how will we fund refugee resettlement?) that appeared at in response to their earlier article.  I suspect […]

Judicial Watch: Obama Administration admitted over 1,500 immigrants with connections to terrorists last year

806 of them were refugees…. Update:  I see that Leo Hohmann at WND has a bit more on this story, here. Here is the news at the Daily Caller (hat tip: Skip at The Flying Camel Dog): The Obama administration granted asylum to more than 1,500 foreigners with ties to terrorist organizations last year because […]

Plumas Lake, CA is on the US State Department list of cities that have already received Syrian refugees

Unless the US State Department has made an error in reporting its own data. This popped up in my alerts just now from the Appeal-Democrat. The editor must be referring to a blog post here at RRW and he tells us that we are wrong. Here is the editor: Syrian refugees in our neghborhood? Not […]

More from Twin Falls: Is our security threatened so big business can bring in cheap labor?

One of the citizens concerned about what is happening in Twin Falls, Idaho had an ‘opportunity’ to meet with three of the big players who flew out from Washington for a stacked public “forum” last week to try to tamp down the growing controversy about more refugees arriving in Twin Falls—more refugees than many in […]

Senate "oversight" hearing scheduled this week on the Refugee Admissions Program

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that some Congressional committee is attempting to review the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program and as far as I can tell, it will be the first time Congress takes seriously its “consultation” responsibility since before 911.  That said, as I review the list of those testifying, do […]

Scottish first minister changes her mind about inviting Syrians to share her home

Invasion of Europe news…… No surprise is it!  A lot of political big shots as well as Lefties in the entertainment business bragged in recent months that they would invite Syrian families to live in their homes.  Now that Syrians are actually on the way (in this case to the UK) there is much backtracking […]