Hungarian Prime Minister: Soros behind invasion of Europe

I’ve thought this very same thing! More ‘Invasion of Europe’ news….. We have written several stories over the last few years about Soros involvement in various countries, here, here, and here promoting the rights of Somalis as they colonize Scandinavia. See also news about Soros’ handbook for Muslim invaders to Europe, here. From Bloomberg Business: […]

Did your state get Somalis in October? Minnesota number one destination!

That Minnesota is the state receiving the most Somalis is no surprise as the US State Department and its contractors work to help create the new Somalia in Minnesota. Since I was checking numbers this morning, see Syrian refugees in previous post, I thought I might check Somalis too.  (Of course all Somalis are Muslims, […]

Did your state get Syrian Muslim refugees in October? Kentucky still number one!

Update November 1:  The UNHCR has picked nearly 20,000 Syrians for us, says our commitment is “open-ended” here. The Obama Administration says they will resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the US in FY 2016 which began October 1.  Here is a map showing where the first 187 Syrians have been placed (as of today).   […]

Germany investigating terror suspects in refugee flow (surprise!)

Invasion of Europe news…. From The Telegraph: Germany is examining 10 cases of refugees accused of being a member of a terror organisation or taking part in war crimes abroad in an admission by the country’s police chief that will raise fears of terrorists among migrants. Holger Muench, head of the BKA federal police, said […]

Washington DC gathering of Open Borders Activists/lawyers was revealing

Editor’s note: Having missed a day at the computer, especially one following the Republican debate on Wednesday night, I am woefully behind, so I have catching up to do, but this trip was well worth it.  One thing I want to make clear to faithful readers is that for most of my years writing this […]

Oklahoma Senator wants assurances no terrorists will get in with Syrian refugees

And, once again we have the local CAIR chapter assuring us that Syrian Muslim refugees won’t be terrorists!  However, the FBI Director testified in Congress recently that the US cannot properly screen Syrian refugees. CAIR and the Catholics (and Jews) know better! From NewsOK: An Oklahoma congressman [they must mean Senator—ed] is urging the federal […]

Canada ramping-up for challenge of extensive mental health needs of Syrian refugees

Since we are on the subject of the costly health needs of Syrian refugees (Netherlands in previous post), here is some news about how Canadian mental health providers are getting ready for the huge influx of mostly Syrian Muslims expected to be settled from coast to coast in the coming year. From Doctors in […]

Netherlands: Asylum seekers to be tested for skin disease MRSA as cases are diagnosed in three provinces

Invasion of Europe news….. Tuberculosis and AIDs are expected in the ‘refugee’ flow into Europe, but now the deadly skin disease MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is showing up and we learn from the Dutch health service that any asylum seeker needing a hospital visit will be quarantined and tested. MRSA perhaps more scary than ISIS…. […]

Why is Bill Kristol's mag pimping for Hebrew refugee contractor's lobbying campaign?

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is one of nine federal contractors (paid by the head to resettle refugees) and is pushing for the admission of 100,000 Syrian Muslims to the US before Obama leaves office. So why is the Weekly Standard simply parroting what HIAS says, here at its blog? There is not one critical mention […]

Libertarian/Muslim groups urge private sponsorship of Syrian refugees in US

Before I give you this latest turn of events reported by the Huffington Post’s Elise Foley*** let me say that we have advocated that if US citizens want to welcome impoverished third worlders that the refugees should be privately sponsored by churches, synagogues or other civic organizations or wealthy individuals—and I mean completely sponsored for […]