RRW is taking a break….

I’ve been joking for some time that now that the world is talking about refugees and reporters are furiously investigating and writing, that means I can retire. I’m not retiring only taking a break, but after eight years of following the issue, I figure I’ve earned it! And, having no boss and no employees means […]

'Unbound Philanthropy' exposed as big donor behind open borders movement/refugee resettlement/Trump protests

Thanks to Ed for sending this great investigative piece by Lee Stranahan at Breitbart on Unbound Philanthropy and its big kahuna William Reeves (and wifey Debbie Berger).  What a coincidence too, the pair is from Hawaii (bff Obama?). Stranahan tells us that when Trump was protested in Arizona and California a few months ago, the […]

Unconstitutionality of refugee program in 12 states explained

Thanks to Breitbart Reporter, Michael Patrick Leahy, thick-headed non-lawyers like me are beginning to grasp the argument about how the federal government is placing an unconstitutional burden on states which has no legal basis in the so-called Wilson-Fish alternative resettlement program operating in these twelve states: Alabama Alaska Colorado Idaho Kentucky Louisiana Massachusetts Nevada North […]

Speaker Ryan blasts Trump over Muslim ban, can we hear Grover in his words?

That would be Grover Norquist of course, Ryan’s doppelgänger!  (or is it the other way around?) Some observers who have heard Norquist opine on the joy that Islamic diversity brings to America—Muslims in the military (like the jihadist Major Hasan?) and in Congress and that it isn’t “conservatism” to worry about shariah law and devout Muslim-generated […]

Virginia blogger: Trump is right and you must call Congress tomorrow!

Here is Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum.  If you haven’t called today do it tomorrow!  If we don’t rally around Trump on Muslim migration (even if he isn’t your first choice candidate!), there will never again even be a ‘toe in the water’ from Republicans on the subject!  They will run like frightened rabbits! […]

Senator Barbara Mikulski staffer just called me "despicable!"

I am stunned, a staff person answering the phone in Senator Barbara Mikulski’s office just said I was “despicable” supporting Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration to America, said I “hated” people.  He said that they had my “name and number” as if that was a threat! Imagine a staff person, who […]

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson—you are very very good!

Update #2:  Virginia blogger confirms it, you must call your Member of Congress tomorrow and say you support the Trump ban on Muslims entering the US, here.  If the media beats him down all other Republicans will run like scared rabbits! Update:  See what happened when I called my US Senator’s office, here! I happened to […]

Daily Kos a paper tiger! Most respondents say "too dangerous" to admit Syrian refugees

Yesterday I told you about the childish Daily Kos post promoting the idea that we should admit 2 million Syrians to the US (all those who want to come here!).  And, I told you to vote in the poll at the end. Here are the polling questions (screen shot this morning) and the tally!  Note […]

Indiana: Various social justice/peace groups 'welcome' Syrian Muslims to live among them

There is nothing special about this news and this ‘march’ last week in Indiana to protest the governor’s concern about unvetted Syrian Muslims coming to live in Indiana, but am posting it because I suspect such demonstrations are going on around the country.  And, you should know what they are saying. As we have learned […]

Jeb, Marco, Dick don't get it! Bring in the Muslims!

Dick Cheney is the latest of the Republican establishment to come out in support of MORE Muslim migration to America. Here is the news at Breitbart.  The prominent ‘Bushy’ is leading the establishment pack against the base of the Republican Party which ‘gets it.’  What do they get? What does the average, logical, sensible American […]