Office of Refugee Resettlement not taking care of the alien "children"

Last week a Senate committee held a hearing that raked the Dept. of Health and Human Services over the coals because they did not make sure ‘unaccompanied alien children’ were not placed with human traffickers in the wake of the border invasion of 2014. Although an assistant secretary at HHS was grilled by the committee, […]

Merkel is squirming, says refugees are in Germany only temporarily

Invasion of Europe news…. Germany is a disaster and Chancellor Angela Merkel is like a worm on a hook trying to figure out how to release herself.  Now, she is trying to tell the German people that, WHEN things calm down in the Middle East, the Syrians and Iraqis will leave. Even if that were […]

Montana update: Rally Monday as citizens protest refugee resettlement plans

Update Feb. 3:  See the latest news on how it all turned out by clicking here. Residents are not taking plans to bring Syrian refugees to ‘Big Sky Country’ lying down…. This is an update (with lots more detail than we provided) to our post of earlier this week. From Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily, […]

European Nationalist parties convene in Milan: mass migration greatest threat to Europe

More Invasion of Europe news…. The Associated Press reported yesterday on a meeting in Italy of Europe’s so-called “Far Right” parties. Here is what AP reports (emphasis is mine): MILAN (AP) — Sharing the stage with leaders of other European populist parties, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said Friday that Europe’s nationalist parties are […]

Swedes pushed to the brink, attack migrants in Stockholm

Invasion of Europe news….     You know it had to come to this—a violent response to the bloody violence perpetrated by an asylum seeker earlier in the week. On Tuesday we reported the murder of a young humanitarian aide worker in a home for “unaccompanied children” in Sweden. She was stabbed to death and now […]

Big business and Welcoming America working together to change your towns

Be sure to see my post just now at American Resistance 2016! We learned that Rupert Murdoch’s Partnership for a New American Economy is working in collaboration with Welcoming America (Obama’s pals) at that Open Borders Leftwing community organizing group we have been writing about ever since 2013 when we first heard about them in Lancaster, […]

German psychoanalyst: Mama Merkel is nuts!

Invasion of Europe news…. Breitbart London is reporting the news: One of Germany’s most celebrated psychoanalysts has said the refusal of Chancellor Angela Merkel to reverse her “completely irrational” migrant policy is evidence of a potential “mental breakdown” that endangers society. Hans-Joachim Maaz, a German psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and best-selling author, was speaking with Huffington Post […]

More on Missoula County's naive invitation to the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program

We told you about Missoula County Commissioners’ invitation to the federal government and its contractor, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) here just the week before last. My suggestion for citizens of Montana, who have concerns about the United Nations picking refugees to be seeded in the state, is to call for a public hearing on […]

Some posts at 'American Resistance 2016' that might be of interest

Both yesterday and this morning, I’ve been focusing attention on my other blog. Here are some posts there that relate directly to Refugee Resettlement: You must pay attention to David Lubell!  Learn more about him here. One of my greatest frustrations over the years has been the silence by the media of the immigration status […]

Refugee contractor (IRC) criticized in Huffington Post story as Syrian refugee pleads for more $$$

This lengthy story in the Huffington Post is a must-read for everyone seriously looking into how the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program works in your community.  But, just please ignore the fact that it is a blatant pitch for refugees to receive MORE OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS! The article begins (Ho hum! according to […]