Salt Lake City: Violent Somali teen shot by police

Update March 2: No surprise! Protesters come out in rage against police, here. Update March 1: Mohamed was resettled in Utah by Catholic agency, here. You watch, this will turn into another story about overzealous police.  There will be no mention of the refugee resettlement program bringing Somalis and other Muslim refugees to colonize Utah […]

As predicted, ME migrants riot at Greek border as stricter controls are placed on European borders

Invasion of Europe news…… We told you (here, pressure cooker!) on Saturday that the flow out of Greece was effectively halted when many countries north of Greece closed their borders to the invaders wanting to get to Germany.     Today there were riots at the Greece/Macedonia border.  Al Jazeera says this: A riot broke […]

Local and state taxpayers do contribute to refugee welfare

Over and over again we hear from political leaders and grassroots organizers looking to bring refugees into new (unsuspecting) communities that this is a federal program funded by the feds.  (LOL! as if Washington has an orchard of money trees!) However, this short model letter-to-the-editor in Tennessee quickly dispels the notion that the resettlement of […]

Bloomberg and Murdoch (rich globalists) working to control your communities

This morning we learned from a New York Times story that Fox News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch failed in 2013 to persuade you that Marco Rubio’s ‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty bill would be good for America. However, having failed through Fox News propaganda, he and other rich globalists (they need cheap labor!) created a new […]

China takes no Syrian refugees for several important (sensible!) reasons

This article at Foreign Policy is a must read. Why aren’t the Chinese on the bandwagon for multiculturalism and “inclusion?”  The most important reason may well be the last one given in this very informative story: China’s narrative of nationhood is more static and exclusive. It emphasizes shared history and common heritage. Clearly they haven’t […]

News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch tried to manipulate you during 2013 'Gang of Eight' battle

Be sure to see my post just now at American Resistance 2016!  Time to know the enemy!  Click here. Will have more to say shortly on how Rupert Murdoch (Fox News and the Wall Street Journal) has now gone local with his propaganda campaign on behalf of the UN/US State Dept. Refugee Admissions Program.

European ship headed to Asia to help rescue Rohingya (why you should care)

If you are saying to yourself, ho hum, this doesn’t affect me, think again! Rohingya Muslims by the tens of thousands are piling up in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia (both safe Muslim countries!) and we end up bringing thousands to America.     You don’t hear much about it because the Rohingya are slipped […]

European pressure cooker could blow any time now as countries unilaterally close borders

Invasion of Europe news…. A major crisis is at hand as the Balkan countries close their borders (following Austria’s lead). Because there is no serious will to do so, there is nothing to effectively stop the flow of illegal migrants into Greece from Turkey. Greek leaders fear their country will become one big refugee camp […]

French court will allow migrant camp at Calais to be razed

It is about time! Invasion of Europe news…. I have been wondering for years why France has permitted this intolerable situation to fester (see our many reports going back several years by clicking here). It strikes me that the sensible solution for all European countries (in addition to closing their borders! and turning boats back!) […]

Obama Administration tried to assure nervous governors that Syrian refugees would be screened

Very interesting.  While we were all distracted by the funeral for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday the White House was meeting with members of the National Governors Association (winter meeting) to assure them that it was perfectly safe for them to ‘welcome’ Syrian refugees to their states. As far as I can tell, […]