News from Vermont says refugee program put on hold, not clear if it is just for Vermont

Update September 2: Vermont Digger tells us the original story was taken down and that there is no truth to any of it.  Rutland is still a target site. There is breaking news in Vermont that the controversial resettlement of 100 Syrian Muslims to Rutland has stalled in Washington. But, local reports say that US […]

41 NGO's send letter to Obama: We want 200,000 refugees admitted to US in FY2017

Remember that Obama signaled last fall that he was shooting for 100,000 refugees for FY17 (it will be his last year to make a Presidential ‘determination’ under the Refugee Act of 1980). These non-governmental organizations, part of yet another umbrella, this one called InterAction (a united global voice for change), include some of the nine […]

Sweden paying 'refugees' to go home (and it is working)

Invasion of Europe news….. As Donald Trump continues to flesh out his immigration policies (I assume today he will focus on illegal immigration), I think a little sweetener to nudge people to return home could save America a heck of a lot of money since most migrants, legal and illegal! are figuring out how to […]

HUGE! Food stamp fraud bust in Baltimore, check out the names, see a pattern?

Update: Be sure to see the even juicier story from Buffalo. Muslim convenience store owner charged with ripping us off to the tune of $2 million and his wife and daughter flip the bird to news camera (to America)!  You can’t make this up!  Click here. I haven’t written about food stamp fraud in awhile, […]

News from Rutland, VT: A guest column by a Rutland firster!

Editor: As regular readers know, Rutland, VT citizens are not taking kindly to a plan to resettle 100 Syrians in their town—a plan the mayor made in secrecy with a federal resettlement contractor.  For background, please click here for our Rutland archive. And, for future reference, this post is filed in our ‘Comments worth noting/Guest […]

Clinton: Let's rebuild Detroit with Syrian refugees!

Consider this Part II of my previous post because here we learn that Hamdi Ulukaya (Chobani Yogurt empire) was busy earlier this year talking with Bill Clinton at the Clinton Global Initiative about the joys of hiring (Muslims in the case of the Syrians) over American workers. This idea of rebuilding Detroit with thousands of […]

Twin Falls, Idaho where the Chobani Yogurt company typifies the globalist view of refugees

They are, in short, needed for labor for multinational corporations and as we have been saying ad nauseum for years the US Refugee Admissions Program serves as an important piece of a business model that allows big corporate honchos to wear the white hat of humanitarianism while taking advantage of labor that can’t easily afford […]

Obama Administration bragging everywhere about reaching the 10,000 Syrian Muslim number before deadline

They still have a  month to reach the end of Fiscal Year 2016 refugee admissions and they will likely bring in at least another 1,000 Syrian (mostly Sunni Muslims) for your towns and cities. Here  is ABC’s take on the news we reported the other day when we linked a World Net Daily story in […]

DCRally4Refugees falls short of expectations

Update September 1: Human Rights First spins event here. For those of you who were there, note they refer to “crowds” mostly dressed in orange. No crowds and there were not that many people in orange. Update August 30th: Breitbart has more of my comments on the rally here. I’m glad I dragged myself to […]

It is all about the money! Will Congressional Republicans save us, or not? (More money Part II)

Update: Rally fizzles, pathetic turnout!  Click here for photos. The Rally4Refugees  (aka Rally4Money) kicks off today in Washington and although organizers want to give the impression that this is all about saving the downtrodden of the world, they know and are working toward the goal of wringing more of your money, taxpayer dollars, out of […]