Texas officially withdraws from US Refugee Admissions Program; feds cannot assure security screening of all refugees

This is a major blow to the US Refugee Admissions Program since Texas is, by far, the largest resettlement state in the nation. The governor’s complaint is that the federal government cannot adequately assure the state of Texas that all of the refugees from the Middle East and Africa being placed there are thoroughly screened.  […]

Update on sending testimony to Senator Sessions' Immigration subcommittee

Update of the update!  Here is the Senate Judiciary Committee fax number: 202-224-9102. Please revisit the post from earlier this afternoon for updated instructions on how to send your testimony. Unfortunately, unless I get further clarification, you will need to send your testimony in the form of a letter and please mail it Monday so […]

You too can submit testimony to Senator Sessions' Immigration subcommittee

Update October 1: You can fax your testimony using the address below and send it to 202-224-9102. Update:  This post has been updated, both in the post and here. Please follow the new instructions and as I said in my update—saving America isn’t going to be easy so take the time and write a formal […]

Maine has a sexual assault problem in its Somali community

Well, what else can you conclude when the federal government shovels a whopping $300,000 grant to a Somali women’s group located in Lewiston, ME. How funny! The group was renamed with a more generic sounding name probably to more easily get the payola. BTW, when we first began writing RRW back in 2007 there were […]

They are pushing back hard in Fargo, ND; commissioners want feds to pay-up for cost of refugees

New ‘welcoming’ towns pay attention! This article (below) at World Net Daily is a must read for all citizens in the new ‘welcoming’ resettlement sites the federal government is identifying around the United States. We learned recently that there are 47 of them, but the US State Department is so secretive about where it’s sending […]

Obama's 110,000 refugee plan for 2017 is a CEILING! A Trump administration could turn off the spigot

For all the years I’ve been writing RRW (9 now), I’ve seen the Open Borders advocates and the Resettlement contractors*** try to make the President’s proposed numbers (his determination) for the upcoming fiscal year a REQUIRED GOAL.  It is not! It is a CEILING. There is no requirement that they must reach that number and […]

Senators Cruz and Sessions let loose in yesterday's Senate hearing on FY17 refugee plan

Yesterday the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, grilled three members of the Obama Administration on the plan to admit 110,000 refugees to the US in the next fiscal year which begins on Saturday (Oct. 1). This is a required hearing under the Refugee Act of 1980 and we will be […]

US State Department shoving refugees down their throats in Rutland, VT

After months and months of meetings and angry protests, the US State Department has decided to ignore the controversy and begin sending refugees to Rutland before the end of the year. Just a reminder that the DOS told Senator Sessions subcommittee yesterday that they haven’t decided how many of the 110,000 refugees Obama wants admitted […]

At Senate hearing, US State Department refuses to say how many Syrians in next year's flow

I’m writing and listening to the hearing in the US Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.  Eventually, when the video is available, you should all take a couple of hours and watch this.  Right now Senator Al Franken is talking and doing the ‘my grandfather came from Russia and read the poem […]

Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont wants more money for refugees

That is nothing new.  Leahy has been a longtime advocate of the US Refugee Admissions Program, but what interested me was  his remark that local communities needed more money to support refugees, and references Rutland. But, wait, Rutland mayor Christopher Louras was just in upstate New York telling those citizens that refugees revitalize and bring […]