Press bullet points on President Trump's temporary moratorium on refugees

Because I am getting e-mails from the press looking for comment. Here are some bullet points that anyone is free to use. For those many reporters who don’t know who the heck I am or what RRW is, just briefly: This year, in July, I will celebrate the tenth anniversary of blogging about the UN/US […]

The national media is looking for you! Do you want to be found?

First, an apology to my faithful readers.  I am overwhelmed with way too much news to report, with requests for information, with requests from media, with requests from some of you about conducting your facebook wars (answered that yesterday and lots of you commented), and so I apologize if I don’t answer all of your […]

One piece of the Trump executive order speaks to the issue of whether communities have any say in the refugee placement process

There is so much to try to absorb in the President’s Executive Order on refugees, but here is one portion to pay some attention to for those of you working in ‘pockets of resistance.’ It is Section 5 (g): (g) It is the policy of the executive branch that, to the extent permitted by law […]

Tucker does it again! This time he takes on HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield

HIAS of course stands for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (a name they dumped a few years back). Go here to see what they are telling their members about Donald Trump’s moratorium on refugees. If you missed Fox News’ Tucker Carlson taking on Kevin Appleby here a few days ago, you might want to revisit that […]

Aberdeen, SD: Somali refugee found guilty of sexual assault in December is supposed to be sentenced today

Udate: Reader Elena found this tiny mention in the local news, rescheduled for April 10th. Liban Mohamed was found guilty in December of attempted sexual assault of a special needs woman.  He was arrested last July after reportedly only being in the country for one week. We are waiting to hear whether his sentencing will […]

Comment worth noting: reader asks should he defend Trump on facebook or stay silent

Editor: As longtime readers know, from time to time, I elevate comments I receive to posts because the comment deserves further attention. This is one from yesterday from a regular reader—‘domstudent11’.  I almost answered it last night, but was conflicted about what to say. I am not conflicted this morning after posting my earlier report. […]

Former Homeland Security officer: three triggers to bring on Islamic uprising in US

“America has had the audacity to pick someone different from what the world wanted, which was someone who would not be submissive to the global Islamic movement.” Phil Haney All hell is breaking loose in America and around the world over President Donald Trump’s executive order of last Friday. You surely couldn’t miss it (unless […]

Repost: US Cases of refugees arrested or convicted on terror charges, and other heinous crimes

Dear dishonest (anti-Trump) mainstream media reporters, why can’t you report that he might have a point about our security! I’ve had requests from readers in the last day or so for a list of cases where refugees/asylees have been arrested and have either been convicted on terrorism related charges or are in the process of […]

Trip down memory lane: Iraqi who helped American troops convicted of brutal rape

Yesterday, when we reported on the befuddled Kevin Appleby trying to respond to Tucker Carlson’s questions about refugee crimes in America, we were stunned to see Appleby not be able to think of one case.  Was he lying?  Or is it possible he honestly doesn’t know because the cases we have reported on our pages […]

RRW Weekly roundup for week ending January 27, 2017

It has been a big week here at RRW! This weekly roundup ended on Friday, the 27th before the big news hit the fan Friday evening. Knowledge is power! I was pleasantly surprised to see that two (out of the top three posts of the week) were widely read because it means that you were […]