HuffPo: Refugee processing pipeline being restarted, contractors optimistic

When I looked at this article (Huffington Post) more carefully, I see it only sends a garbled message about whether the refugee pipeline is being geared up to start seriously flowing again or is only trickling. But, it does appear that the resettlement contractors are getting excited that it will flow with gusto soon since […]

15,726 refugees admitted to US since Inauguration Day, see where they went

  I recommend that all of you interested in the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program have some fun at the Refugee Processing Center (aka Wrapsnet).  Play around with the databases and you can learn a lot about what is happening in your state and of course in the country. Today I wanted to see exactly who […]

What not to tell the Canadian taxpayers about Syrian refugees

This is an excellent use of 6 minutes of your time! I don’t know this program, but thank Paul for sending the youtube clip from The Rebel. I’m guessing that what Faith Goldy learned about Canada’s new 40,000+ Syrian population applies to America’s flow as well. We have followed Boy Trudeau’s rash Syrian resettlement program […]

Idaho Uzbek convicted terrorist indicted in attempt to kill prison warden

For all of the refugee contractors and their groupies busily spreading propaganda that refugees never commit crimes, take note of Muslim Fazliddin Kurbanov who was already in prison, convicted on terrorism charges, and then tried to kill the prison warden a year ago this week! Where the heck was (is!) the national media on this […]

45,732 refugees admitted this fiscal year so far, 45% are Muslim

I’ve been asked frequently what the numbers look like for which religions are practiced by refugees entering the US right now. Unless Donald Trump tells us that the New York Times story was fake news last week, see here, and that we are not shooting for 70,000 refugees this year, we will assume it is […]

Burmese biter was headed for New Bern, NC; are we importing mentally ill in refugee program?

Yes, we are. We have been doing so for all the years I’ve written this blog. Many stories show up in our ‘Crimes’ category as those with mental illness end up committing crimes of greater or lesser degree. This is just the latest, in case you missed it a couple of days ago. So much […]

Pipeline disruption? LA Times adds a bit more information to the Trump refugee admission reversal

Go here to see what the LA Times is reporting about the stunning reversal on Thursday by the Trump State Department on refugee admissions where we learned that by September 30th we could see 70,000 refugees admitted to the US, in a year Trump initially said we would see a MORATORIUM. 70,000 is a number […]

Stunning news: Trump State Department opens the flood gates, refugee admissions will explode in coming weeks

Betraying the voters who elected Donald Trump, the Department of State slipped the news to the contractors on Thursday who then slipped the news to the New York Times just as you were packing up for the beach or getting ready for a family barbecue using the federal government’s favorite holiday weekend trick to bury […]

At present rate of admissions, Trump FY17 refugee numbers will be in average range

Sorry to all of you who follow RRW regularly to have to keep repeating myself, but I want to blow a gasket every time I see a story about “plummeting” refugee admission numbers. The story that steamed me this morning is one Drudge has listed (what is going on with Drudge, losing his mojo?). Here […]