New Charleston, WV refugee resettlement office will not open

The US State Department has sent a notice to Episcopal Migration Ministries that an office approved for Charleston, WV in the waning days of the Obama Administration will not be opening after all. Here is the news from the Charleston Gazette-Mail, a first sign that refugee numbers will continue to be low in the coming […]

What about America’s own refugees!

Yesterday I sent out a series of tweets like these below. Help me get the message to Washington. We have our own refugees now—tens of thousands of them, maybe more—who will be homeless and need medical care, food and clothing. Suspend the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program for FY18 and use (literally a couple of a […]

South Carolina governor wants no refugees from six countries named in Trump travel ‘ban’

So what! The feds will do what they want to do as most Republican governors have figured out already.  And, since Trump’s State Department is still being run by the pro-more-refugees bureaucrats, does anyone really think they will give a ‘rats rear end’ about the wishes of a governor from a former (gasp!) Confederate state. […]

The “merciless four” EU countries whose leaders do get it!

See my previous post for background on my title! Here is the title of this EU Bulletin story: The Merciless Four Strike Again: Visegrad Group Sticks to “Zero Refugee Policy”   Poland and Hungary are still sticking to their unwillingness to accept any refugees despite the busy migrant relocations going on in the rest of […]

A tweet that says it all!

Invasion of Europe news….. It is so mind boggling to realize that supposedly smart people in Europe (Merkel, Macron, etc) cannot see what has happened to them. More babies please! (And, come on, you can afford it! To save big don’t send them to an expensive college to be brainwashed!) See my complete ‘Invasion of […]

As violence in Burma escalates, US resettling more Rohingya Muslims

I don’t want to have to write a book (although I have written 201 posts on the topic at my Rohingya Reports category), so I’ll be brief with the background. Burma is a Buddhist country and they want to keep it that way (I’m not judging them, you may).  So as a result, the US […]

GoFundMe page demonstrates again: US can’t afford more refugees!

What a coincidence, just as I posted my previous report from California about refugees adding poverty to already impoverished areas, here comes more news about refugees who can’t afford housing (Afghans again too).  Hat tip:Joanne It is commendable that citizens may now take up the cause of this mother and son (private charity should be […]

Afghan refugees living in Sacramento squalor

This is an old story, in fact it is a story from when Obama was still in the White House, but here it is in the UK Mirror on Saturday.  One can only assume its purpose now is to make Trump’s America look bad. However, it isn’t Trump’s America that made these refugees live this […]

Comment worth noting: Comprehensive review of US Refugee Admissions Program is long overdue.

Editor: This is a comment from a reader with experience inside the “refugee industry.” As I said yesterday, this is a perfect time for President Donald Trump to suspend the USRAP (believe me Donald, they are never going to love you anyway, so do it now!). The program has been slowed and the contractors have […]

Trudeau’s ticking time bomb: Trump immigration policy

“Canada is presented as the best way out of this complicated situation” Abdullah Kiatamba, executive director of African Immigrant Services (MN)   This story is more along the lines of what we reported here two days ago. I was delighted to learn that the Trump Administration is seriously considering letting Temporary Protected Status lapse for […]