Alert to Mainers: Local community college prez wants Somalis to move to Aroostook County

….to work in agriculture.

Will they dig potatoes? Aren’t there machines to do that work?

And, why is this an issue for a community college? Govt. grants? More students? What?

From Mainebiz:

Northern Maine Community College and Maine Community Foundation are partnering to bring Somali immigrants to Aroostook County to explore agricultural opportunities.

Officials from the college and foundation were joined Saturday by 45 Somali immigrants, including children, from southern Maine on a tour of farm operations in Aroostook County held on Saturday.

NMCC Pres. Timothy Crowley

The purpose of the tour is to introduce the Somalis to smaller-scale agricultural prospects in the region.

This effort stems from ideas germinated at a March 2016 conference at the college in which local business and civic leaders spoke about being more proactive in the face of a continuing decline in Aroostook County’s work force.

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One of my top posts of all time is about how Somalis got to Maine in the first place—Maine, the welfare magnet.

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  1. That’s central planning of the economy. The cluster is agricultural and food production. It’s the same thing here in Idaho. Research Michael Porter – he was/is a professor at Harvard. He is Mr. Competitiveness (which is not what I call him when I write about him).

    I researching found an old C-Span program that was about Mario Cuomo’s Competitiveness Council. The people and ideas from that council went right into the Clinton Administration. The Clinton Administration redesigned our government – changing our form of government. The facade is the same – but the workings of the system are communist or fascist – depending on which side of the money line you sit.

  2. I DOUBT seriously if there is a decline in the workforce there. Altruists, AKA “liberals”, believe that the avenue to true happiness is the renunciation of ALL happiness. This is an effort to “give of oneself” to the point of self-immolation. Liberals are very, very sick people.

  3. What a crime! Aroostook County is largely rural / wilderness. Now they are going to bring muzscum to destroy this beautiful area???? Man, this country if going to he!! quicker than I thought!

    1. In assuming you are or were living in or are aware of this great “county”, you know of its inhabitants and its very rural setting.
      Yes, this IS a beautiful area (G-d’s country) and it certainly doesn’t need the stench of these vermin to upset what little peace we enjoy.

      These savages will NOT fare well, up here. They will find it very unwelcoming. The indigenous folk are slow to accept change and these radically different people will NOT find comfort.

      Except for a few morons, this county voted for Trump (67% according to voting records) and the people, here, are conservative to the core. They have to be. Life is a constant struggle and the welfare they’re expecting has been greatly reduced thanks to our great Governor, LePage. And we thank him for this!

      These Neanderthals should be reminded that we have not only vast forests but deep swamps and a variety of critters that are quite hungry due to the 7 month-long winters. People go missing quite often…just saying, of course.

      And let them be warned – a 5 times-a-day screeching mosk will NOT be tolerated for a moment. We love our Sunday church bells and they will NOT be altered.

  4. If they come to work and stay in their lane, is there a problem? This great nation was built on immigrants who were given a free and fair chance. Immigrants are some of the hardest working people there are. So why don’t you accept these people, to help build up the agricultural sector of this beautiful state. It’s one world and one race, my goodness, all of our shit comes out the same at the end of the day. I know your comfortable with what is stationary and familiar, but my brothers and sisters the tides of change always come in and out.

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