Pope announces immigration propaganda week for Catholics (October 7-13)

  The US Conference of Catholic Bishops insisted that Trump admit 75,000 paying refugee clients to the US beginning October 1.  But, not a word at Crux that they receive millions of tax payer dollars for their Christian charity as the largest of nine federal refugee contractors.*** Crux: During his weekly audience on September 27, […]

Hillary’s legacy in Libya could affect you!

UN short-circuiting the flow from Libya to Europe by sending migrants to the good ol’ welcoming USA? Hillary, along with her gal pals Susan Rice and Samantha Power, are the leading culprits in the Obama Administration’s disastrous involvement in the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the creation of a failed state that has […]

Trump White House press release seeks to justify 45,000 FY18 refugee cap

This is more than the usual press statement from the White House on the Presidential Determination. In my experience previous statements have been shorter and certainly not so defensive.   Below (hat tip Richard at Blue Ridge Forum) are just some of the nuggets (interspersed with comments from me) that interested me. Read the whole […]

First 50 of Australia’s failed asylum seekers have arrived in US

And, yes, Mr. President, the deal was “dumb” and it makes you “look terrible.” We have America’s hurricane refugees and you are bringing in ‘refugees’ that Australia does not want on its mainland!   The news that they were leaving Australia’s detention centers en route  to at least five American states is two days old, […]

Phony outrage from Senators on Trump refugee consultation with Congress

I can’t spend a lot of time on this, but it warrants a bit of attention. These US Senators have no shame!    What the hell is Senator Grassley doing scolding the White House/State Department, complaining that the legal process was not followed on THIS year’s legally required consultation on the refugee CEILING/CAP. For the […]

HIAS leads the pack: wants Congress to admit more refugees than Trump’s 45,000 ceiling

Nevermind, that the Refugee Act of 1980 gives the power to the President to set the CAP/CEILING*** for refugee admissions for the coming fiscal year which begins on Sunday. I have to laugh because I can always count on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to be the first of the nine federal contractors to break […]

Trump takes easy way out: says we will admit up to 45,000 refugees to begin arriving Sunday

And, no one is happy except maybe the Republican leadership in Congress—they will get some cheap labor for big business donors and the President has asked nothing of them in the way of trashing or reforming the system. They can go home to angry voters who wanted a lower number (or none at all!) and […]

Looks like deep state bureaucrats are blabbing to the New York Times on refugee ceiling issue

If Donald Trump continues to make no move to replace the top levels in the US State Department with people supportive of him, he has more than three years of this c*** ahead of him. Here are some snips from the New York Times yesterday: WASHINGTON — President Trump plans to cap refugee admissions at […]

Members of Senate Jihad Caucus ask Trump for “robust” number of FY18 refugees; joined by two RINOs

A couple of years ago, when Obama was considering how many Syrian Muslims to admit to the US, a bunch of far Left Senators sent a letter demanding he admit 65,000 Syrians on top of at least another 100,000 refugees from around the world. So, friends of mine coined the term ‘Senate Jihad Caucus’ to […]

Dear Donald, Send refugee resettlement agencies to Puerto Rico!

Tomorrow or the next day, if you ‘welcome’ the admission of 40,000-50,000 impoverished people (in need of housing, food, and medical care) from Burma, DR Congo, Afghanistan, etc. to begin arriving on Sunday (Oct. 1, the first day of the new fiscal  year), all hell is going to break loose for you from the nine […]