Former refugee contractor CEO: America needs refugees to teach us how to love one another

Stephen Bauman, a former CEO of World Relief, one of nine federal resettlement contractors*** (paid by the head to place refugees in towns that are kept in the dark about the resettlement process) was speaking to an interfaith gathering in North Carolina recently when he said some annoying things. The one that really got me […]

The US Chamber of Commerce wants laborers, no concern for you, as they tell Trump to extend ‘temporary’ refugee program

Temporary Protected Status is yet one more LEGAL way to get and keep the US immigrant population high.  It is not truly a refugee program, but was designed to give TEMPORARY protection to foreign nationals who happened to be in the US when some big event happened back home—like a hurricane, earthquake or civil war. […]

Most Aussies want immigration curtailed, 48% want Muslim ban

More than half surveyed said Australia felt like a foreign country! And, the upshot of this news story is a warning that if the nationalists can mount a  countrywide political campaign they could become the power in Australia. Rejecting the usual excuse that migrants stimulate economic growth, economics are not a major concern—loss of culture […]

Hungary investigating Soros network, we should be as well

Where are you Donald? You too should be directing investigations of your number one arch-enemy, George Soros, and his network in America. Maybe invite Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban to the White House to ask what he is finding out and give him a lavish state dinner while he is here (and don’t invite Jared)! […]

Episcopal church vote to remove George Washington memorial is just outward sign of a politicized church

It is everywhere on the news in the last 24 hours! In case you happened to miss it, here is Daniel Greenfield on George Washington’s Virginia church and the vote. (hat tip: Ed).   So what does this have to do with refugees?  It is a news hook to tell you about Episcopal Migration Ministries! […]

Federally-contracted resettlement agencies do hold secret refugee planning meetings

We have been over this ground so many times I want to barf. US State Department contractors (non-profit groups paid with taxpayer dollars and hired to resettle refugees in your towns), hold quarterly “consultations” where they meet with other government agencies and sometimes representatives of ethnic groups they serve to discuss problems with refugees and […]

NO Borders Left aimed at destroying ORR Director Scott Lloyd

It is over the issue of abortions for illegal alien teens in the care of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement that Lloyd oversees.   Apparently Lloyd is not approving those abortions and the leftwingers want the young girls to have a Constitutional right to kill their babies here in America (they could go back to […]

Baton Rouge coffee shop to hire only refugee workers

What is it with coffee shops and their desire to selectively hire a certain class of people? Isn’t there a law against this sort of discrimination? Earlier we learned about Starbucks’ hiring event in San Diego, now a little start-up coffee shop plans to open in Louisiana and hire refugees and political asylees .  What! no […]

Maryland Democrat Senator Ben Cardin wants more Muslim refugees

That is how you have to read his opposition to Trump’s latest effort to keep us safe and reform how refugees (coming from terrorist hotbeds) enter the US. Here, in yet one more whinny article (believe me there are dozens!) where the contractors and others in the refugee industry are wailing about Trump’s latest effort […]

Former Obama State Department official tells Idaho audience to use political pressure if they want more refugees

I told you about this upcoming conference here. Just noticed now that the event was held at the SIMPLOT auditorium.  Thought I recognized that name—-first saw it here when we heard that the JR Simplot Company was building a new meatpacking plant near Boise.  Of course! Cheap refugee labor! So much for humanitarianism! Here is […]