Maine: Somali refugees charged with welfare fraud

What else is new!  The only thing new is the change in location from Minnesota to Maine and this time it is medicaid fraud and not daycare fraud.
This news is from the Somali capital of Maine—Lewiston—and from earlier this month.
Tip of the iceberg?
From the Sun Journal (hat tip Frank):

PORTLAND — Two men from the Twin Cities charged with welfare fraud appeared in federal court Monday seeking release from jail.

Lewiston like Somalia
No mugshots of Ahmed and Osman that I could find, but figured this older photo would suffice to illustrate the story!

At an afternoon hearing, U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge John Rich III ordered Abdirashid Ahmed, 38, of Lewiston released on $5,000 bond after seizing his passport.

Rich said Ahmed would be equipped with an electronic monitoring device to ensure he does not leave Androscoggin County.

Ahmed was kept Monday night in federal custody at Cumberland County Jail. He was expected to be escorted Tuesday morning to Lewiston and released into the custody of the U.S. Probation Office. He must get permission from that office if he were to seek to leave Androscoggin County in the future, Rich said.


Garat Osman, 32, of Auburn appeared in the same courtroom after Ahmed.

Dylan Boyd, who represented Osman on Monday agreed to continue Osman’s detention hearing to Thursday, giving Osman time to hire a lawyer. It also gave the court time to consider Osman’s financial declaration form that he signed earlier under the penalty of perjury.

Rich said he was concerned about inconsistencies between that document and Osman’s tax returns from last year.

Ahmed and Osman wore orange jail suits and were handcuffed to a belly belt and shackled at the ankles.

More than two dozen men and women from the Somali community sat in the gallery to show their support for the two men.

Ahmed and Osman were arrested last week, each charged with health care fraud involving MaineCare – Maine’s Medicaid program – and receiving health care kickbacks for more than two years.

Strange that the health care provider they worked for is not named.

Both men are accused of referring MaineCare beneficiaries to an unnamed (in the indictment) health care provider and served as Somali interpreters, according to investigators.

The indictment also said from May 2015 to December 2017, Ahmed and Osman conspired to defraud MaineCare by billing the program for interpreting services not rendered or partially rendered.

Fraudulent bills were submitted to MaineCare that overstated the health and interpreter services provided. MaineCare reimbursed the provider based upon that fraudulent billing, according to the indictment.

If convicted, Ahmed and Osman each faces up to 10 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine. If convicted, each may also be ordered to pay restitution to MaineCare.

There is another story the Portland Press Herald with a few more details.
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  1. I work in the medical field….and there are some very bizarre laws regarding medical interpreters…..The laws are written in such a way that you’d think the doctor and his employees are the enemy……that will harm the patient financially or physically without the presence of an interpreter…….. Even to the point of taking the patients vitals….which is objective and requires no words….is breaking the law…..
    I even had one experience where the interpreter was late….and the patient’s was in bad shape….

  2. So one can clearly see how “appreciative” these Somali’s are for being rescued by the USA and given a chance at a new life, right ????? And one can see how appreciative they are of employers who are stupid enough to trust them enough to employ them ! This is why they are refugees in the first place ! They were not fleeing persecution; they were fleeing JUSTICE in their own countries for crimes committed in their own countries !

  3. You know, they need to deport them immediately on conviction, along with their entire extended family.

  4. This is what is, pretty much going on in the whole country including, Nueve Jerzeey. About ten years ago, they found this guy working, for the
    NJ-DMV who, sold 1500 divers licenses to illegal aliens with, fake names on them. Guess what nationality he was? Guess what they did to him?
    He was fined and demoted but, never fired him. Of course, in the article, posted by the Red Star Ledger, buried on pg. 96 , they never posted
    his name or citizenship. Hmmm

  5. The New York State Office of Inspector General has a news release dated May 23, regarding medical transport companies charged with multi-million theft of health care services. Based on the names there could be some folks who arrived here via the refugee program.

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