Caught! Somali man living in Vermont used false identity to get in to US as a refugee

Not surprising of course, but what is surprising is that he is actually being prosecuted.
You can bet this wouldn’t be happening if Hillary was President!
And, how is this for timing—see my previous post this morning about a retired foreign service officer blowing the whistle on widespread fraud in the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

US Marshal badge
Will the long arm of the law find the liars?

Longtime readers may remember our extensive coverage of Somali family reunification fraud first revealed in the Wall Street Journal in 2008 (behind a paywall now).
If you search RRW for ‘Somali family reunification fraud‘ you can find maybe twenty more posts on the topic over the years!

Don’t hold your breath that a large number of the tens of thousands who lied about who they are, will get caught, but this is a start!

See the moves he made that got him caught…..

From the Portland Press Herald (hat tip: Frank):

A Somali man who settled in Maine 14 years ago after claiming refugee status under someone else’s name is suspected of falsifying passport and citizenship applications.

Hussien Noor Hussien, 55, most recently of Burlington, Vermont, was arrested there last week by the U.S. Marshals Service and is scheduled to appear in federal court in Portland on June 5. He has been charged with making a false statement on a passport application, procuring naturalization contrary to law and falsely using the personage of another in a naturalization proceeding.

He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted, although he could be deported instead.  [Prison would cost the taxpayers a bundle! I say deport and make a big deal out of it to send the message!—ed]

An affidavit by James Sauer, a special agent with the U.S. State Department, said the investigation into Hussien began in June 2017 after his passport was flagged. Over the course of almost a year, this is what Sauer uncovered.

Hussien entered the U.S. in August 2004 by claiming refugee status and using the name and identification of another man, Abukar Hassan Abdule, and traveling with Abdule’s wife and children. They settled in Lewiston, which is home to the state’s largest population of immigrants from war-torn Somalia.

Some time later, Hussien obtained a Maine driver’s license using Abdule’s name. In March 2007, he obtained legal permanent resident status under Abdule’s name. Four years later, in May 2011, he filed an application for naturalization using Abdule’s name. It was approved on Oct. 28, 2011.

Keep reading here there are more juicy bits about how he got caught.

Hussien was found living in Burlington in federally subsidized Section 8 housing with a woman and five children. He was working at a Walmart in nearby Williston and the pay stubs were in his real name.

Hussien (or whatever his name is!) is only the tip of the iceberg!

Looking for something to do?

Contact the White House (contact link in upper right hand column of RRW) and tell the President to find and vigorously prosecute refugee fraud then broadcast the punishment widely around the world in the hope of deterring the ever-growing epidemic of refugee fraud, bribery and corruption.

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  1. Do you know what the fake identity info was?
    I make My I D Cards (in 17 States) as the Driver’s License was taken from me after I didn’t renew it – after recognizing the I was NOT paid as a driver & would NOT be a fraud.

  2. Why has he not been put on a plane OUT? We have Enough liars and cheats here. Why should he be able to use my money to exist here or pay for a trial He is not a citizen here for which a trial should be provided.

  3. This is important: the wife and all five children should ALSO be deported. They all KNEW he wasn’t their father/her husband but they all cooperated in the deception. Why are they not being prosecuted as well? They all came here under false pretenses. OK the kids were minors. Too bad, their mother committed a crime before she even got here, and continued to be in commission of that crime in order to get here and stay here. Fraud on everyone’s part.

  4. I remember well the 30,000+ Somalian, (look in your Thesaurus under “dirtbag in-bred cheats”) who claimed family status with current immigrants but failed the DNA tests) and, stunningly, are still here. Somalians have cost us billions of dollars with their fraudulent gaming of our welfare laws, under the watchful eye of Barack Obama and Keith Ellison. Ellison is the commanding, (Muslim convert) general of an army of saboteurs now residing in the northern midwest and upper New England USA.


  6. Why are Somalians still being considered “refugees” and coming into the USA? Clearly, the UN thinks Somalia is safe:
    “Mogadishu, 30 May 2018 – Following several months of confinement in detention centres in Libya, 150 Somali migrants returned voluntarily to their home country today with transportation organized by the United Nations migration agency.”
    “. . .Today’s returnees are the first batch of 300 Somalis in Libya who are making voluntary return home. Before being relocated to their homes, they will be given temporary shelter at a reception centre in Mogadishu.
    Also, today’s return is the fourth and largest voluntary humanitarian return of migrants from Libya to Somalia; IOM carried out the first in February of this year. So far in 2018, IOM has helped 7,414 migrants return to their home countries from Libya, in addition to 19,371 IOM helped voluntary return last year. All migrants, who IOM helps return from Libya, are offered reintegration assistance, based on their vulnerability.”

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