Refugee industry advocates flailing at Trump as he breaks the "assembly line" in to the US

I’m not going to spend the time this morning going tit-for-tat with refugee advocates whose only line of argument, about changes being made in the US Refugee Admissions Program, is to attack the President as a hateful, bigoted, racist boob.

Frelick: The Trump administration has slowed down refugee admissions by throwing sand into the gears of resettlement processing.

I guess people, like Bill Frelick at Human Rights Watch, assumed the program was running like a well-oiled machine as refugees by the hundreds of thousands (some not even real refugees) were being secretly placed in US communities while the federal resettlement contractors sucked down billions of dollars (including fat CEO salaries) from unwilling taxpayers who they then labeled as, what else, racist Islamophobic boobs, if they dared to question the process.
Is Bill Frelick, in his screed at the Los Angeles Times, saying the program had no flaws and critics like me over the years have been complaining about nothing?
I guess so when he quotes Barbara Strack (retired USCIS refugee bureaucrat) referring to the “assembly line” in a piece entitled:

Trump’s brutal refugee program reflects prejudice instead of compassion

“The process works like the assembly line in a factory,” Barbara Strack, who retired in January as chief of the Refugee Affairs Division at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, told the New York Times. “This fiscal year, the administration essentially ‘broke’ the assembly line in multiple places at the same time.”

An assembly line shoved down citizens’ throats for nearly four decades!
Yes, they have had an assembly line since shortly after 1980 and that is why the program has created anger and controversy as American citizens, who pay the bills and have to live with the destabilizing results in community after community across America, feel left out and are now asking questions and demanding change.
Elections have consequences.
Frelick and his morally superior pals in the industry should admit there are problems and work to reform the program rather than take cheap shots at the President and his nominee to head the Bureau of Population Refugees and Migration.
They won’t though, even if they know deep down that there are problems, because they are one-trick ponies and apparently none are brave enough to break from the Leftist herd mentality.

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  1. While there may have been some semblance of compassion in mind with Emma Lazarus’ beckoning call “Give me your tired, your poor,your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free” recent administrations and the sinister realization that “replacing us with them” is a surefire way to slowly move us from a citizenry of proud patriots to a population whose beliefs are gratefully beholden to the incredibly wealthy globalists and the gifting of some of their fortunes and most of ours. Most recently Barack Obama cleverly deceived us by incorporating his racist, Islamic Hijra, deeply resentful feelings about America and weaving them into a vengeful agenda that is intended to turn us into a Communist, Socialist Muslim country where whites are blamed for everything, former minorities are given preferential reparation treatment forever! Sound silly? Just look at what has happened.

    1. Freshideaguy,
      That is what is happening in the EU the only countries that are refusing to accept thousands of Muslims from every country in the Middle East claiming to be refugees are the old soviet block countries. They have stopped most of them from entering using troops as well as fences. The EU unelected bureaucrats have tried with threats to force these countries to do their bidding but nothing worked. One of the countries now has a president that sounds a lot like Pres. Trump.

  2. Ann I could not help but comment on the weepy-super-Leftist article in the Los Angeles Times. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Times, their readership is getting wise. They are no longer as gullible as the editor’s hoped. There still are some holdouts, and consider very carefully their comment board is heavily censored, and comments they don’t like either get buried or not posted at all.
    I just posted this, I quote myself (note: I didn’t choose the user name of bowingknee, that name was CHOSEN for me by their system long ago!)
    “Americans are too gullible. They accept statements at face value, and don’t consider the source. This man has an agenda. Please, please read the United Nations Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda, it is the exact same agenda they’ve always had, same wording and same “17 Goals to Transform Our World”. Their main goal, UN’s raison d’etre, is (Goal #10 on their “17 Goals): “Reduce inequality within and among countries” and just how they accomplish this goal is to erase borders (Puebla Sin Fronteras ring any bells..?) and I quote “Facilitate orderly, safe, regular and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies” that means in plain English- get the world’s poorest moved into the world’s richest (that’s US) so they won’t be as poor as they were before. Isn’t “income equality” Communism? The UN doesn’t ever admit the reason why these people are impoverished: backward, 7th-century cultures, illiteracy, stone-age beliefs. We are importing individuals from nations that still practice female genital mutilation. We are told that East Asian IT workers are smarter, better employees than native-born US workers, yet flush toilets are still an innovation in East Asia. They still have raw sewage running through the gutters.
    The UN won’t stop until the US is a mirror of the 3rd world nations it pretends to “free” from poverty.”

    1. Thanks for doing that—-for commenting at the LA Times. More people should do the same. Everytime you see a mainstream media story where you can educate their readers with a different point of view, Please do it!

  3. I actually found the statements describing refugee resettlement as “an assembly line” to be deeply insensitive. People should not be treated like machines or products. Frelick has no business comparing the human migration to the emotionless industrial exploitation of an assembly line. We are living in a post industrial age with a knowledge based economy. Frelick seems to be symbolic of the robber barons of the past. The robber barons generated big profits from controlling commodities and industry. The resettlement agencies gain profit from the most precious commodity of all, human labor. The robber barons exploited people and put them into unsafe working conditions. The resettlement agencies profit from placing refugees into both unsafe jobs and unhealthy living conditions. The refugee resettlement agencies could be considered the robber barons of the 21st Century.

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