AG Jeff Sessions carrying out Trump immigration restriction agenda

….and boy are the Leftwing Open Borders agitators steamed!

Former US Senator and now Attorney General Sessions, who you will recall got on the Trump train in the earliest days of the campaign, is quietly carrying out an immigration restriction agenda at the Justice Department and in the courts.

The primary reason we elected this president in the first place was to get immigration under control and Sessions is doing that!

Trump and Sessions 2
If the President foolishly pushes Jeff Sessions out of the Justice Department, the Senate will never confirm a replacement who would carry out the immigration control agenda that Sessions has undertaken.

Yesterday, I told you about the asylum scam, here, and today we bring your attention to Mother Jones with this headline:

Sessions Is Poised to Make It Vastly Harder for Asylum-Seekers to Get Out of Detention


A new decision from Attorney General Jeff Sessions is likely to make it dramatically harder for tens of thousands of asylum-seekers to get out of detention.

How many asylum-seekers are in detention and how many are free to roam America while waiting for a decision?  I don’t know the answer, but when I find it, I will let you know.  But, know that thousands of wannabe refugees are simply free across America. Vast numbers of them will never show up for their asylum hearing.

On Tuesday, in a now-familiar tactic, Sessions used his broad authority over America’s immigration courts to refer a case to himself. The move will allow him to reinterpret a 2005 decision from the Justice Department’s Board of Immigration Appeals that gives some migrants the ability to get out of detention on bond. Sessions now appears likely to strip many detained immigrants of that right.

The self-referral comes two weeks after the Trump administration proposed a rule that would allow it to detain migrant families indefinitely. Combined, these two moves would make families seeking asylum much more likely to spend months or even years in detention.

And, what should be done now is a massive public relations campaign by the US throughout Mexico and Central America about how asylum seekers will be detained maybe for years. Such an effort could have a chilling effect on the hordes hankering to move north.

Mother Jones continues…

Under current law, asylum-seekers who cross the border without authorization are entitled to bond hearings before an immigration judge if they establish a credible fear of being persecuted in their home country. In a strange twist, asylum-seekers who request protection at official border crossings—the government’s preferred route—must ask Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to grant them parole, rather than asking a judge to grant bond. That distinction matters because ICE has shown an almost complete unwillingness to grant parole under Trump.

Eleanor Acer
Eleanor Acer of Human Rights First:  “This is just not who we are as a country.”  How dare Acer and her ilk be the arbiters of who we are as a country!  If it was up to her we would have no borders and therefore no country!


Eleanor Acer, the director of the refugee protection program at Human Rights First, says eliminating bond hearings would have an “absolutely devastating impact” on migrants because of the difficulty of being granted parole by ICE. “This is just not who we are as a country,” she says. “This should not be a country where people are thrown into jails and not even allowed to see a judge who decides whether or not they could be released from detention or not.”

Sessions’ decision to review the case is the latest step in the Trump administration’s systematic crackdown on asylum-seekers. In June, Sessions all but eliminated gang and domestic violence as grounds for asylum after referring a different case to himself. Earlier this month, the Trump administration proposed a rule to terminate the Flores settlement agreement, a two-decade-old court settlement that prevents the government from detaining migrant children for more than about 20 days. The proposal would allow the Trump administration to detain families indefinitely.

By the way, this is very significant—eliminating fear of violence back home as a grounds for gaining refugee protection and ultimately US citizenship!

We have told you over the years how the Open Borders Left is systematically eroding the definition of who is a refugee.  A legitimate refugee, under the 1951 UN Convention, must be able to prove that he or she (personally!) would be PERSECUTED for one of several reasons including race, religion, political views, if returned to their home country.  There is nothing in the definition about escaping violence or even war.

In recent years we have been allowing border-crossers to claim they are escaping gangs and abusive husbands to gain a legal foothold in America. Sessions is forcing adherence to the original law and not allowing this expansion.

Continue reading Mother Jones here.

If Sessions is forced out, you can be sure that the likes of Eleanor Acer and MS-13 gang members will be whooping with joy! 

And, Trump will have signaled that he is abandoning an immigration control agenda.  

For me, how we manage immigration is the only issue that matters for the future of America.

If you agree and are looking for something to do, let the President know that you like what AG Sessions is doing on the only issue that matters!

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  1. Elanor Acer is part of the Elitist Swamp. They feign compassion and love and are achieving “fake love” by removing our precious country from it’s dominant position as “greatest country in the history of the world”. She best serves her evil aims by forcing the entry of tens of millions of legal and illegal aliens, making it impossible to serve our own citizens. Statistics show that over 700,000 people entered America with legal visas and then overstayed their agreed upon term and disappeared permanently into the vast countryside. It is part of Obama’s plan to replace Americans with non-Americans and has been going on for many years. Reasonable and knowledgeable people can agree that our illegal population, reported for years to be about 11 million, is actually closer to 25 to 35 million that we are forced to absorb and sustain.
    Many of them came here with our demise in mind and their real numbers represent the single greatest danger to the safety and security of our Republic.

  2. Ann, President Trump will NOT remove Jeff Sessions. In fact, they are working TOGETHER to take down the Deep State, despite their “Show” of Trump being disgusted with Session’s lack of action (which in itself is totally untrue). It’s all THEATER to get the Dems and Liberals to back Sessions so when the hammer falls, they have no excuse for not backing Sessions, since they have documented support for him for months. The Act – anybody who hates Trump loves who he denigrates. That’s why Trump-Sessions have set the stage with this adversarial confrontation. It will all be over before the Nov. Election. Trust the Plan. Where We Go One We Go All.

  3. Going to post this, shame he is going to be gone after mid terms, but he dug his own grave, Rosenstein get the boot too, hopefully he can someone as acting Ag for the rest of first term in office that will not recuse himself regarding Russia.  

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    1. The Senate will never approve anyone as strong as Sessions on immigration, and Rosenstein will be running the department until the Senate approves a RINO.

  4. Nice to see them steamed for a change – TRUMP’s win was spectacular that way, finally the traitors are crying! They shall truly hate it when they find themselves in GITMO where they belong.

  5. I cannot help but think Jeff sessions is a mole from the Clinton machine. He has not supported Trump in anyway nor has he made effort to quickly alleviate the FBI of their power. I think he might be being blackmailed. I am glad to hear he is doing something worthwhile, but I believe he needs to go.

    1. Ceejay, I guess you never followed Sessions career in the Senate. I would like you to write back and tell me the name of a replacement for him who WOULD BE APPROVED BY THE SENATE with a record of toughness on immigration control that Sessions has. If Sessions goes now, Rosenstein will run the Justice Department until someone is approved by the Senate…again who? When?

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