With “public charge” rewrite, Administration building a legal wall to help slow migrant flow to America; however, refugees will still get welfare

President Donald Trump has many avenues to slow the immigration steam roller that is changing America by changing the people.

Making it harder for wannabe future ‘new Americans’ to stay, is to require that they won’t suck off the federal teat in the process of advancing toward a green card and future citizenship.

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Stephen Miller is at it again says Politico

But before you get excited, know that refugees and asylees (and a whole bunch of other categories of legal immigration) are exempt from a proposed rule change.

When the bill that became the Refugee Act of 1980 was debated in Congress, ol’ Teddy Kennedy promised that we weren’t simply bringing more impoverished people to America to place on welfare.  He lied!

I want to know why the supposed humanitarian NGOs (the contractors) presently being paid by us, the taxpayers, to take care of refugees can’t use their own money to feed and house the refugees they say they love.  After all, they claim that the refugees quickly find work and become self-sufficient!

Here is Politico which obviously is sending a message for Dems and Leftwingers to strongly oppose (protest!) the proposed rules they claim are straight from the evil brain of White House aide Stephen Miller. Never mind that controlling immigration was the primary reason Donald Trump was elected to sit in the Oval Office and Miller is one of the few who remember the promise!

The Leftwing media focus on Miller is a classic Saul Alinsky tactic.  I suspect he finds the attacks amusing.


Immigrants may be denied green cards if they’ve received benefits


The Trump administration proposed expanding its pre-election crackdown on immigration by denying green cards to legal immigrants if they have received government assistance.

Under the new rule, which the Department of Homeland Security posted online Saturday, immigrants can be denied so-called “lawful permanent residency” if they’ve received certain government benefits — or if the government anticipates that they may do so in the future.

The measure represents the latest move by White House aide Stephen Miller to reduce drastically all immigration to the U.S., both legal and illegal, and reflects his strong conviction that doing so will improve congressional Republicans’ chances in the midterm elections. The benefit programs targeted include the the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (welfare), Medicaid, and Medicare Part D (prescription drug subsidies).

The regulation could force millions of low-income families to choose between government assistance and permanent settlement in the United States.

Advocates fear it could ultimately restrict children’s access to food and health care.
The move will affect mainly legal immigrants and their families, since undocumented immigrants are not eligible for most federal benefits.


The proposed regulation would provide a more robust enforcement mechanism for longstanding statutory boilerplate that bars immigrants “likely to become a public charge.”


Trump’s fatal error in the end could be his failure to put people like Von Spakovsky in his administration so loyal aides like Miller would not be virtually alone in fighting the deep state.

Roughly one million people become lawful permanent residents each year — a generous allotment, according to Hans von Spakovsky, a senior fellow with the conservative Heritage Foundation.

“We can be choosy about who we allow into the country,” he said. “One of the primary factors ought to be ensuring that the legal immigrants who come in are people who can financially support themselves.”

Approximately one-third of the federal budget goes to health insurance subsidies and social safety net programs, according to the non-partisan Center on Budget and Policy Priorities — an expenditure the Trump administration and Republicans seek to reduce.


A range of activists spent months preparing for the rollout of the proposed regulation and plan to wage an opposition campaign. The proposal will now be subject to a public comment period, an opportunity for opponents to mount an assault on the plan.

A coalition led by the National Immigration Law Center and the D.C.-based anti-poverty Center for Law and Social Policy will push for a wide range of businesses, organizations and government officials to submit comments.

Refugees, Asylees, Cuban/Haitians, Special Immigrant Visa holders, those here through the ridiculous ‘temporary protected status’ program, more! are all exempt!

The prospective regulation wouldn’t apply to all immigrants. Refugees and asylees are exempt, as are certain victims of domestic violence and children who qualify for “special immigrant juvenile status,” which is available to minors who were abused, neglected or abandoned by a parent.

Foreigners who apply for “temporary protected status” to remain in the U.S. after a natural disaster or armed conflict in their home countries will also be exempt, so long as they received a blanket waiver to absolve them of any public charge considerations.

See Jim Simpson’s chart on how many refugees and others have been approved as ‘new Americans’ in the last ten years and know that all of these will be exempt!***

It isn’t clear if the UAC ‘children’ will continue to receive welfare but I suspect they will.


Continue here if you wish.  Politico, through its long report, is helping the Left figure out who opposes the draft measure and offering a blueprint on how best to fight it including stalling it by overwhelming the system with thousands and thousands of comments.

***If you need more proof than what Politico says, here is a screenshot of a portion of the draft regulations exempting refugees and asylees.  This is from page 85 but more exemptions are on page 86,87,88, and 89!


Screenshot (1454)_LI
The list of exemptions goes on for four more pages!

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  1. One step forward, two steps to the rear, this is the result of left-wing activists who wish to change the face of America by changing the percentage ratio of citizens who have made us a precious country for centuries. Using the simple numeric advantage that our immigration rules provide, and twisted intentions that started with Ted Kennedy decades ago and have continued under the Clinton, Bush and particularly the Obama administration we have seen our basic goodness retarded, stained and more and more irretrievable each passing year.
    Racism, Sexism, international and United Nations meddling in the name of radical faith initiatives, (The Muslim Caliphate), Socialism, Communism, open borders, globalism, drug legalization all play despotic influence against our best interests and well-being.
    There is absolutely no fair, just reason, legal or constitutional permission to allow the advancement of tawdry culture and the rapidly increasing destruction of our sovereign nation.
    Yet it continues, against the wishes of the clear majority of American citizens held at bay by strategically glued federal “pocket” judges, megalomanic billionaires and giant, opinion-making corporations controlled by control-freak CEOs who diabolically use American assets and financial resources to secure “my way or the highway” fundamentals to undermine our beloved Republic.

    1. Freshideaguy,
      I get so tired of this constant BS. I wish I could just copy and paste your great comment and say it was mine, but of course I won’t do that. Sometimes I reblog Ann’s stuff with no comment, and tonight, the same for facebook: no comment.
      Thanks for letting me rant.

      1. I have reblogged Ann’s great offerings so many times that she could be rich just on royalties. I’ve been with her since 2007. She is my personal role model.

        I’d love to travel with for a few days, especially when she goes abroad. She is getting as much attention internationally as here in our precious America.

  2. Indeed. These groups must do their own handing out and stop stealing from us as they so call virtue signal – I still want to know why ANYONE is coming in after being taught nothing but how overpopulated we are! it had to be a setup because now we get nothing but century one ‘cultures’ who breed like insects. How ’bout dat? You bet I have GITMO on my mind for these snakes, one and all.

    1. First-century “culture” is a good way to put it. Sharia/Wahabbism acts as if was the first faith ever, and by that erroneous “fact” they have dubs on anything and everything, forever. “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours in mine too.”

      Sorry, Mohammed! You were born about 700 years AFTER Jesus died on the cross.

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