Naturalize NOW campaign launched by activist group, Trump slowing citizenship process they say

The National Partnership for New Americans claims that the Trump Administration is purposefully slowing the citizenship process for hundreds of thousands of migrants who are waiting to become US voters. They charge that he is building a “second wall!” Here is what they say on their website: In the last year, over 925,000 people applied […]

100 members of Congress sign letter to Prez: we want 110,000 refugees!

This was posted a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t seen it until today when the IRC (a resettlement contractor) was crowing about it on twitter. The top story at google on the letter is at the Friends Committee. If you didn’t know, the Friends (aka Quakers) are very pro-more-immigration. They are involved in […]

Zuckerberg in Minnesota….running for Prez in 2020?

That’s the buzz going around in Leftwing media.  Don’t believe me, just google Zuckerberg for President and see what I mean. Yesterday he joined Somali refugees in Minnesota (campaigning?)….Don’t laugh! And, wow, did you know that home is where you are free to do anything you want? Hmmm!     Egads, this is my first […]