Boston talk-show host Carr: Life as political refugee is damn sweet!

Thanks to a reader for sending us this piece by radio host Howie Carr published yesterday in the Boston Herald.    Star of the op-ed is Boston Bomber Tsarnaev friend Khairullozhon Matanov. This is a must-read and here is how it begins (emphasis is mine): Which group of undocumented Democrats is enjoying a softer retirement here […]

Maine: Tsarnaev’s gun came from Eritrean gang member in Portland

However, the Portland Chief of Police maintains that Maine is still a safe state with only a few loosely affiliated immigrant gangs! It’s all over the news, but as usual the UK press (Daily Mail!) is covering the story in its famously direct fashion, no beating around the bush about the nationalities of the gang […]

Center for Immigration Studies challenges legality of Obama Administration’s relaxation of security screening for refugees

Another case where Obama used his pen? (or his minions did!) We told you yesterday that Obama, bowing to international pressure and lobbying from refugee resettlement contractors anxious to bring in thousands of Syrians this year, has relaxed a security screening law put in place after 9/11, here. Now, we see, that the Center for […]

Boston bomber family: maybe we shouldn’t have come to America

I’m sure the families who lost loved ones, or the victims of the Tsarnaev brothers who will live with their injuries for life, wish they hadn’t come either. A friend sent me this Wall Street Journal story about the Tsanaevs written by a Russian-speaking reporter who knew them in earlier days and I was excited […]

Third Tsarnaev friend, son of refugee worker, indicted for lying to investigators

He could get up to 16 years if convicted. However, because he is the product of an elite “humanitarian” circle in Boston, I doubt he will see that much time.  See our earlier post entitled, Boston bomber pal gets out on bail with help from “refugee” mom’s elite friends. From Reuters:  BOSTON (Reuters) – A […]

Feds have no idea if/when Asylees like the Tsarnaevs leave the country, return to country that persecuted them

That is what a House Committee heard in testimony from the USCIS on Wednesday.  Thanks to a reader for alerting us to this story. From FierceHomelandSecurity: When individuals granted asylum return to the country they’d fled, they can lose their asylum privileges-–but only if U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services knows about it, the head of […]

Political refugee Dzhokhar Tsarnaev indicted on 30 counts in Boston Marathon bombing

Surely you saw the news yesterday from Boston, but I thought I should post it just to keep our archives up to date and to remind readers that the Tsarnaev family came to live in the US as political refugees.  We gave this murdering Jihadist the opportunity for a good life and he decided that […]

CAIR wants Justice’s Civil Rights Division to investigate Todashev shooting

This is an update of the strange story out of Florida where the “friend” of Boston Bombing suspect, and a fellow asylee, Ibragim Todashev, was shot during an investigation involving the FBI which was looking into the unsolved murder of three Jewish young men in Boston.  Our original reporting on the phony Chechen political “refugee” […]

Investor’s Business Daily op-ed: Stop importing terrorists to US

Thanks to Jerry Gordon (New English Review) for sending this editorial from IBD in response to revelations about Chechen asylees-cum-killers in our midst. There is one paragraph at the end I want to share with readers because I found it especially chilling. Where are they? According to DHS, there are 87 deportable alien fugitives from […]

Steve Sailer is all over the Chechen ‘refugee’ fraudsters

Steve Sailer writes at VDARE and elsewhere, including at his own blog iSteve. From day one, when we first became aware of the fact that Chechen asylees were responsible for the first successful major Islamic terror attack on American soil since 9/11, Sailer has been on the story. Here is a post from yesterday (hat […]