Too funny! Black studies professor in St. Cloud at it again!

He’s baaaaack! Dr. Luke Tripp of St. Cloud State is once again accusing “white conservatives” of stirring up St. Cloud racial tensions as he does it himself!  And, he clearly is fixated on former Rep. Michele Bachmann who we first noticed he targeted in 2010 and reported on these pages. This man is not a […]

Each of you must get the planning documents and attend refugee “consultations”

You are going to get so sick of hearing this from me! Reader Paul reminded me again of this quote by David Gergen reported in the NY Times in 1993, here. I’m taking my cue from Richard Nixon! What Nixon advised is likely the single most important thing that you can do to bring attention […]

Swamp isn’t going to be drained, so it’s time to return to local action on refugee program

I have to admit, I thought Donald Trump would come in to office and take a forceful position on the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program and tell Congress to investigate the program (and the contractors!) with an eye to trashing or reforming the whole system. With his capitulation on the annual determination, with a substantial 45,000 […]

Rutland, VT mayor defeated over his plan to seed city with Syrian refugees

“[W]hat happened here in Rutland….should be used as a template for the rest of country!” Don Cioffi (Rutland First!) It wasn’t only the plan—there are lots of mayors pushing for refugees to be placed in their towns—but it was the way he went about it that riled citizens there in VERMONT, of all places! Thanks […]

Texas immigration control citizen activists must lead!

Just now I saw this headline story at The Hill: Sure we all agree that it makes sense that a mixture of measures be included in the border security plan, but Cornyn is chairman now of the subcommittee in the Senate that was so ably run by then Senator Jeff Sessions. Sen. John Cornyn has […]

Majority of Americans support Trump immigration 'ban' from terror hotspots

You are not alone! Check it out!  Vox (the website that LOL! featured my work recently, here) reports that the majority of Americans support President Trump’s Executive Order to keep us safe from immigrants coming from certain parts of the world—keep us safe from terrorists trying to enter the country. But, if the pollsters throw […]

Open borders left, refugee contractors plan days of action

Replacing ‘old Americans’ with ‘new Americans!’ On Monday hundreds of liberal activists and refugee resettlement agency operatives (you pay their salaries with your tax dollars) held a conference call to plan political action against President Donald Trump’s order, that calls for a moratorium for 4 months on refugee resettlement, and his order to improve vetting […]

Trump Watch! is back, promises to block Trump cabinet and agenda

We haven’t heard much from Moveon for years, but they are back! vowing to stop President Donald Trump on apparently everything, starting with his cabinet members’ confirmations.  It will be a great opportunity for them to rake in some big bucks. And, so it begins (no rest for us!) My Trump Watch! is intended to […]

Progressives take lessons from the Tea Party movement to try to beat Trump agenda

This isn’t about refugees per se, but as you get geared up to go to battle with Congress to push them to get tough on immigration and to reform/trash the US Refugee Admissions Program, this might be a helpful guide to what the other side is going to do! They know, as you should, that […]

Refugee Resettlement was big news in 2016

Just now as I read through news on my various alerts I saw several year-end wrap-up local news stories including from Poughkeepsie, NY and Rutland, VT which ranked refugee resettlement controversies among their top stories of the year. The one from Idaho places refugee resettlement right up there with the 2016 Presidential election as a […]