Syrian youths getting in to US as "academic refugees"

They may not have transcripts, but some American colleges are taking Syrian “students” to supposedly educate them to return and re-build Syria (yeh, sure!). From (hat tip: Julia).  The ‘students’ featured here are at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS. I haven’t heard much from Emporia since late 2007 and early 2008 when they […]

Texas: Somali sentenced for falsifying asylum application; feds keep terrorism connection secret

See below for the Emporia, KS connection! We told you about the fraudulent asylum claim on February 7th, but thanks to Creeping Sharia for finding a longer article on the sentencing at My SanAntonio that contains some information I found most interesting. Here is My San Antonio: A Somali man was sentenced in a San […]

Kansas governor signs bill to ban foreign laws in Kansas courts

And, of course the Islamic lobby is going nuts.   According to this story at Fox News, Kansas becomes the 4th state to enact the so-called “American laws for American courts” model legislation.  (Hat tip: Greg) But, Governor Brownback’s signature on this bill is ironic since as a US Senator he helped open the Somali Muslim […]

The Somalification of Kansas

Update April 27th:  At least some in the Kansas legislature are attempting to keep shariah law from creeping into Kansas, here. In 2008 Emporia, Kansas put up a fight.  So much of a fight that the Tyson Foods meat-packing operation closed down and moved the Somalis out.  We created an entire category about the conflict […]

Shelbyville, TN and the truth behind the making of a propaganda film

Reporter Brian Mosely: I never imagined three and a half years ago that simply telling a story honestly could lead to being demonized on national television, in a film sponsored by our own government, no less. [….] It’s as if someone made a film about Japanese interment during World War II and left out the […]

More confirmation that NGOs work with big meat packers

Hauling Somalis from city to city I really didn’t need more confirmation, but Allahsoldier commenting at my earlier post, said that he couldn’t wait for another story on Somalis.  I said I could find and post another pronto.  It took me all of about 5 minutes from answering Allah… to get this post started!   And, what a […]

Somalis move with meatpacking jobs, leave towns in a lurch

Your tax dollars: If you are a longtime reader of RRW, you will remember how Emporia, KS struggled with a flood of Somali refugees who came to town for jobs at the local Tyson’s meatpacking plant.   Fort Morgan, CO, take note. In an effort to do good by all the refugees who had no education […]

Getting caught in Kansas, and Candy—you go girl!

Here is a story we wrote about back in April.  It seems that this Kansas city has one problem after another with immigrants.  First, Emporia had to deal with a roiled citizenry over Tyson’s Food hauling Somali refugees to the city and then closing the plant. (See our whole category on Emporia here).  And, now it […]

Shelbyville, Emporia, Richmond (oops Roanoke), Helsinki, it’s the same story

Thanks to reader ‘Bill’ who has set me straight and it’s not Richmond, it’s Roanoke! What a coincidence that this story should pop up the day after we reported the conflicts on-going in Richmond Roanoke between Somali refugees and local black American citizens.   This story is from Finland.  A Finnish family complained that an immigrant […]

Emporia, KS has more immigrant issues cooking

Emporia, KS was embroiled in the Somali refugee issue for months (see our whole category here), now comes news that workers brought in to do welding and other work on the construction of an energy plant may have been here illegally.  One hundred Filipino workers have headed who knows where, to a town near you […]