How more of your money flows out of Washington to non-profit groups that ‘help’ immigrants and refugees

The grant program is known as the ‘Ethnic Community Self-help Program’ run out of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS). At one point I followed their activities closely and began a file on it, see here, but too much breaking news pushed the subject to the back burner. First, as you know, nine federal […]

“Ethnic self-help” groups still getting boodle from Trump ORR

I haven’t mentioned the taxpayer-funded subsidiary industry beyond the resettlement contractors much lately, but a story from Rochester, NY reminds me to tell you about it again. I call these ‘ethnic self-help organizations’ little ACORNS.  Do you remember the community organizers of ACORN where they ostensibly helped the poor get their services (aka welfare), but […]

North Dakota: Summer study bill on cost of refugees to the state moving along

You know I get alerts each day on a variety of news involving refugees around the world.  Honestly I wasn’t planning to post on this news simply because it is frankly ho-hum.  But, for some reason the story of the North Dakota legislature’s effort to get to the bottom of the question of what it […]

Federal refugee grants to special ethnic groups "to promote community organizing"

Community organizing for their group of people gratis the US taxpayer! This morning, I was going to write about how elder refugees (yes, we admit many over 65 years old) are eligible for SSI, but I stumbled on the $millions in grants taxpayers give to ethnic groups across the country so they can help “their” […]

North Dakota: Bill introduced to try to get some local/state control of refugee program

And, Somali community organizer issues a warning! Editor: Everyone is asking me what I think about various bills being introduced in state legislatures that seek to get some control over the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program by states and local governments when the federal government is sending refugees from around the world to unsuspecting communities.  Truthfully, […]

North Carolina (again): How your tax dollars support ethnic activist groups

The timing of this $500,000 grant announcement from the Office of Refugee Resettlement to a local non-profit group for refugees from the DR Congo is so interesting—days before North Carolina could choose the next President of the US. (See yesterday’s post about North Carolina, here.) It has been awhile since I’ve written about ETHNIC COMMUNITY […]

Owatonna, Minnesota United Way gives award to 'non-profit' leader of Somali organization

So what, you may ask? ***Update January 26th*** Reader Momodoom reports that someone must have tipped off SACSO to get their registration with the State of Minnesota’s Sec. of State office back in compliance after readers here pointed out that the organization was legally defunct. Ha ha! SOMEone from SACSO “just” filed for “Annual Reinstatement – […]

Backpedaling on the numbers of refugees expected in North Dakota

Editor’s note:  I am still out of the country and trying to post when I get a minute. I see I have a boatload of e-mails and will try to get to those as soon as possible.  I apologize for not responding sooner. It was only a few weeks ago that WDAY-6 News was reporting […]

North American Somali Bar Association launched in Minnesota last week

Of course one wonders why they need a special bar association for their community, never-the-less if they are teaching Somalis that they must not use their clan system for meting out justice in America and must follow the US Constitution maybe that is a good thing.  However, there is no mention in this article at […]

Vermont refugee worker charged with embezzling from non-profit’s clients

Just a quick story in our favorite “welcoming” state of Vermont.  Clearly a former refugee herself, it’s alleged that Ms. Mbayu stole from other refugees. From the Burlington Free Press  (hat tip: Joanne): A former caseworker at the Association of Africans Living in Vermont is facing a charge of embezzlement for pocketing $34,000 in tax […]