Colorado: Meatpacker agrees to pay Somalis $1.5 million in prayer break dispute

I have no sympathy for giant globalist meatpackers because they brought this on themselves when they actively sought out (with the help of federal refugee contractors like Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service) Somali refugee workers. However, what we increasingly see is an accommodation of Islamic religious practices in the workplace with this settlement and others […]

Greeley, CO: Refugee advocate worries about backlash against Somalis

Earlier I posted a news round-up of stories on the Somali refugee slasher, see it here.  Then I mentioned there are three (at least) other news stories I wanted to spend more time on.  I posted the first of those here. And, this is the next one, from the Greeley Tribune.  The story is not […]

US Refugee Admissions Program is secretive, elected officials are not given information

This is a subject we have talked about many times on these pages and it appears here again in a short story about the Obama Syrian refugee resettlement plan at Breitbart. Warner Todd Huston begins: President Barack Obama has been quietly pushing new plans to bring thousands of additional Syrian refugees into the country, despite […]

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains largely funded by government contracts

Since we are closely following the controversy in Wyoming (see our previous post), let’s have a look at who exactly has expressed an interest in being the federal government contractor wishing to do business and resettle clients in Wyoming—Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains (LFSRM) sometimes known as Lutheran Family Services Colorado.  (Why they need to […]

Austin, MN: Meatpackers changing the demographics of American towns

There is nothing earth-shattering in this article from MPR News, but it’s just further evidence of the role the meatpacking industry is playing in changing towns in America’s heartland with its avaricious desire for cheap labor—refugee labor!  (Remember Senator Sessions called the meatpackers out here last year as a driving force behind amnesty). We have […]

Somali refugees have discovered Cheyenne, Wyoming

Somali overload in Greeley and Fort Morgan, Colorado is sending Somalis on a northward migration to settle in Wyoming according to good reporting from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle which I blasted the other day here for a careless hate-filled editorial accusing critics of Gov. Matt Mead’s plan “bigots”.  This is the type of reporting (sans […]

If Sayyid Qutb could see Greeley now!

Did you know that one of the founders of Al-Qaeda spent six months in Greeley, CO in the late 1940’s early 50’s and his view of decadent Americans gyrating with men and women’s bodies touching at a protestant church dance inspired his hatred for America and his subsequent work in designing a  manifesto of sorts […]

Hate crime investigation underway in “welcoming” Ft. Morgan, CO

We’ve been following the ups and downs of the Somali migration to Ft. Morgan for several years.  The mass migration to the town began in 2008 right after the big blow up in Greeley when Somalis demanded special prayer times at a Swift meatpacking plant there.  A lot of the Somalis were fired and moved […]

Meatpackers changing small town America (and you have no say in the process)

The importation of refugee labor is how it is being done. Here is one more story about Tyson Foods (or it could be Swift & Co, or perhaps Perdue) attracting refugee laborers to a meatpacking town—this time Columbus Junction, Iowa. Hat tip to one of our friends from Tennessee. I first really began to understand […]

Recipe to save dying counties: Get a meatpacking plant!

And,  immigrant workers to go with it! Honest to goodness, that is part of the prescription offered by AP reporter cum opinion writer, Hope Yen, in a story headlined: ‘Census shows record 1 in 3 US counties now dying.’ And, the only way to save them is to increase the population and pour in the […]