Canadian Libs too funny! Want to persuade asylum seekers from US to stay away

Calling it “irregular migration,” Canadian members of Parliament are coming to the US to try to stem the flow of US excess aliens from moving north into Canada. The funny part (besides the fact that they can’t even use the word “illegal”) is that it was only a few days ago we reported that Canada […]

Trudeau’s ticking time bomb: Trump immigration policy

“Canada is presented as the best way out of this complicated situation” Abdullah Kiatamba, executive director of African Immigrant Services (MN)   This story is more along the lines of what we reported here two days ago. I was delighted to learn that the Trump Administration is seriously considering letting Temporary Protected Status lapse for […]

Haitians (fearing Trump) heading to Canada found in possession of child porn

Hey, Justin! You are welcome to them! Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been saying, even before Trump was actually elected, that Canada would take ‘refugees’ the US didn’t want.  So gosh, what did those darn refugee rejects (the Somalis and now the Haitians) do?  They took his word for it and are heading en […]

Temporary refugees sent $1.3 billion back to Haiti in 2015, expert tells Tucker

At first I didn’t think they were going to get to the crux of the matter when Tucker Carlson last night grilled Steve Forester, an attorney for the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, about the upcoming Trump decision about whether to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haiti (we mentioned it here the […]

Haitian 'temporary' refugees to test Trump's resolve on immigration

I’ve written about ‘Temporary Protected Status’ over the years as a side issue here at RRW.  But, like the Diversity Visa Lottery, it begs for more attention from some intrepid wannabe blogger who should take on the issue as a sole priority and really do it justice. TPS is basically a scam, it is rarely […]

Obama “welcomes” 100,000 Haitians to your towns and cities

Obama is getting it done with his pen and phone while everyone yaks about the Republicans possibly winning the Senate in a few weeks and while we follow shiny objects—like the Ebola mess. Folks I hate to break it to you, but Obama will have two years to do his unlawful work because even if […]

Massachusetts: Haitian convenience store owner blames customers, then stands up judge on Christmas eve

This may be the best food stamp fraud story we’ve posted all year!  No Mohammads in this one however! Note to new readers:  following immigrant-run convenience store fraud is a hobby here at RRW, and one that has recently yielded lots of juicy stories.    Click here for our entire archive. This one is from Salem, […]

Haitians coming to US by sea, government warns of dangers

We report all the time about the Mediterranean boat people trying  to reach Europe from Africa (many dying in the process), or the many boats full of mostly Muslim migrants trying to reach Australia, but this is the first time I’ve become aware of Haitians in large numbers employing people smugglers to get to the […]

Immigrants use food stamps to purchase, send food out of the country

Update:  Brenda Walker at VDARE has some good stats you should see, here. The New York Post has a new twist on one of our favorite subjects—-food stamp fraud.  Hat tip: Anne Seems that Jamaicans, Haitians and immigrants from the Dominican Republic living in New York are buying non-perishable food to send ‘home’ to relatives. […]

Temporary Protected Status protects criminals from deportation

But will Temporary Protected Status be rendered moot if Obama-Rubio-Ryan get their way?  The answer is Yes!  Everyone will be able to stay! (but they can now anyway!) Just two days ago I told you that the push was on to give Temporary Protected Status to Malians in the US.  Most recently we granted TPS […]