We are still taking ‘refugees’ from safe countries

Every so often I check out the Processing Country data at the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) maintained by the US State Department. More frequently I report to you about the nationalities entering the US, but processing country data is very different. From processing country data, we learn in which countries supposed ‘refugees’ are processed in […]

Trump Administration wants to end special UN agency just for Palestinian so-called “refugees”

“It is important to have an honest and sincere effort to disrupt UNRWA” (Jared Kushner)   And, doing so would save the US a whole heck of a lot of money! (See chart below) I’ve written about the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) over the years. It was specially set up in 1949 to […]

“Soulmates”: Israel’s Netanyahu and Hungary’s Orban meet tomorrow in Israel

Here is an idea for Donald Trump today (the master at making Leftwing media heads explode). Just as everyone is going crazy over Trump’s summit with Putin, he could invite Hungarian PM Viktor Orban and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House to discuss big beautiful border walls!     I can dream, can’t […]

UN: Israel to send its illegal aliens to Western countries (oops! cancel that)

  It seems that Israeli Prime Minister nixed his own deal with the UN before the ink was dry on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (aka HIAS)‘s crowing e-mail to its followers. I received Mark Hetfield’s e-mail at 3:28 p.m. yesterday, but sometime later yesterday the New York Times reported that the deal was off. […]

Dear Donald, give Bibi a gift today, cut federal funding to HIAS….

…..and help yourself too! [On refugees] right now we’re setting a very bad example. (HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield told the Israeli press last month)   It really is outrageous.  Taxpayers shelled out $24,493,743 in federal grants to the ‘non-profit’ Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society according to its most recent Form 990 available and the group is […]

Israel set to deport African economic migrants, Canada says wait (they want more)

Canada is apparently the leading country to take off Israel’s hands some of the tens of thousands of Africans who entered Israel illegally. Israel says they are mostly economic migrants and not legitimate refugees. Canada wants a bunch, so why they are dragging their feet isn’t clear. And, readers, know that the US is taking […]

Brave Israeli journalist disguised as Syrian 'refugee' enters German belly of the beast

Invasion of Europe news…. He entered Germany to show how easily an Islamic extremist could get in pretending to be a Syrian refugee and he infiltrated the Muslim Brotherhood there. See my earlier post this morning, here. Now if we only had journalists like this one…. From the Unhived Mind: Prominent Israeli journalist Zvi Jecheskeli, […]

Trump Administration cuts funding for special UN agency for Palestinian 'refugees'

International refugee industry heads are spinning as the Trump team has withheld funding for UNRWA.  That is the United Nations special agency that we have funded for more than 60 years that supposedly takes care of those who were displaced when the modern state of Israel came into being. They should have long ago been […]

US taxpayer-funded resettlement agency has it nose (again) in Israel's business

Many American Jewish groups are angry with the Israeli government because it is now taking steps to remove tens of thousands of economic migrants who entered Israel from Africa before it had built its great border wall. If US private activist groups want to pressure Israel that is their business, however, when one of those […]

Why are we taking any 'refugees' from Israel?

This is another in my series of inquiries about why it is our responsibility to take ‘refugees’ off the hands of governments where those asylum seekers (supposed refugees) are that country’s problem. (Is Israel taking any of our illegal aliens/asylum seekers?) See my recent post on Russia, here.  Or, see the dumb deal with Australia, […]