Huuuge gathering at White House yesterday to tell the President to admit 75,000 third worlders to US in coming year

Huge—Not! Religion News Service posted this article yesterday and a tweet from refugee contractor Church World Service (one of nine)*** about the rally at the White House. The truth is, as much as they want you to believe it, there is no major up-swelling of demand for more refugees to be distributed around the country […]

St. Cloud “woman” crashes car into ice cream store

Reader Linda said, get out the “secret decoder ring” as once again the media fails to mention a key fact in this story. However, the video says it all….   I’m posting this because once in a while we have to chuckle and because I can’t tell you the number of times over the years […]

Sheffield, England: Somali mayor bans Donald Trump from the city

Frankly, I don’t know why President Trump is even going to the UK next week. But, my first thoughts, when I saw this story about the Lord Mayor of Sheffield telling Trump he is not welcome in his city, were…… So this is how Somalis behave when they get in positions of some authority? Does […]

SPLC apologizes and shells out $3.375 million to man they placed on their Anti-Muslim extremists list

That would be the 2016 “Field Guide” written by Mark Potok that they created to try to silence voices they disapprove of (yours truly is on it!). This time their shoddy research cost them big bucks and a black eye.  

Canada: Conflicts revealed between Indigenous people and refugees

Diversity is strength alert!     This isn’t supposed to be happening in welcoming Canada! Aren’t we led to believe that poor and oppressed minority people feel for each other, that there couldn’t possibly be racism when neither side is white European? “It’s further colonization,” Wirch said of refugee resettlement. “We [Indigenous people] are further […]

Minnesota Somalis: You're old and we are taking over

This week Judy sent me an interesting facebook post. I’ve decided not to name the author in order to spare her further aggravation. Normally I wouldn’t post on a social media conversation except this one rings a bell.  I’ve heard it before. In fact in earlier years in the life of this blog, I heard […]

Refugee numbers "plummet" under Trump (so far)

I laughed this morning as I noticed more new articles from all over the place using the word “plummet” in their headlines, a sure sign that talking points have gone out (probably from the Refugee Council USA) and the media lemmings have followed the instructions.   (I’ll report on the 6 month of FY18 numbers […]

Will mosques provide sanctuary to illegal aliens? Nah, we changed our minds

This interview at New Hampshire Public Radio popped up in my alerts this morning and it gave me a chuckle so I’m sharing it with you. The gist of it is that last year Muslims said they would open mosques as sanctuaries (housing!) as part of the sanctuary movement that seeks to hide illegal aliens […]

Obama's 'Final Year'—finally gone!

Subtitle: Why Donald Trump is in the White House!     There is a new documentary film being released (in a few theaters near you) about the final year of the Obama Administration and how their foreign policy decisions (blunders!) helped put Trump in the White House. But, the film idea didn’t start out that […]

US immigration lawyers: Go North! Canada: NOOOO!

Sticking it to President Trump in January 2017, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, welcomed one and all to Canada…..     ….now a year later it is oopsy! Never mind! Here are the opening paragraphs in the New York Times on January 28, 2017: OTTAWA — As President Trump’s executive order on immigration stranded people […]