Italian Interior Minister Salvini threatens to quit; Australia elects immigration hard-liner; and NY Times says Trump wrong on South Africa white farmers

In the midst of vacation season for many people around the world, the news is anything but dull and quiet. First an update from Italy on the latest migrant transport ship stalemate. From The Express: Italy sparks EU crisis: Brussels calls emergency migrant talks as leader threatens to QUIT   ITALIAN interior minister Matteo Salvini […]

News roundup February 8, 2017

Editor:  Because the issue continues to be hot (and I’m getting so many new readers)—swamped with e-mails, facebook messages, phone calls to return, media requests to respond to, and comments to posts etc.—I am taking some time today to clean up my mess. Update: LOL! I am reading e-mails including hate mail.  One, who hates […]

News roundup: what you might have missed over the holiday weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving 2016 with family and friends and are now rested and ready to continue the revolution to make America great again! While you were away, I posted what I think are very important stories, and because I want to be sure you got them all (some of you […]

News round-up for Monday, October 31, 2016

Because there is way too much happening, here is another News Round-up of stories that interested me, but for which I have no time to post! (Don’t confuse this round-up with my usual ‘Top posts of the week’ which I skipped this past week. Will do an October round-up tomorrow for hot news at RRW […]

News round-up for Friday, October 14, 2016

  I’m going to be away. I hope I will have time to write, but if not here are some recent news items for your weekend reading:   296 Somalis in Minnesota diagnosed with ACTIVE TB, top refugee TB state in nation Scary: Global identity system for a world with shifting borders Hillary’s public vs. […]

News Round-up for Wednesday, October 12, 2016

See my post yesterday, as I continue to work to clear off my desk…. Here are some news stories I’m seeing this morning (click on headline to open story): Trump campaign CEO wanted to destroy Speaker Ryan (why? Ryan is open-borders etc) Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton, Jordan can’t vet refugees from Syria, Jihadists coming in ND […]

Tuesday catchall: hot news, reading your mail, answering your questions and thanking you

I’m just going to have to take a breather (from posting) today and maybe even tomorrow. There is so much hot news on refugees, as well as the election news that will have an impact on whether we continue to fling open America’s gates to the third world that I have been trying to keep […]