Politico says Trump refugee slowdown is the result of "engineered chaos"

It is an unnecessarily long article written by Politico reporter Meredith Hoffman.  You can read the whole thing. But, I do want to make a point or two before I move on to other things (like Leo Hohmann’s latest on his trip to South Dakota). The article begins as usual with a sympathetic case (star […]

The Africans are coming! Close the border Donald!

Invasion of America news….. Since when did Obamacare become President-elect Donald Trump’s #1 priority? That is all I hear now from the media. Tens of thousands of people did not stand for hours in all sorts of weather to hear Trump talk about Obamacare. They came primarily because he said he would build the wall […]

Where do WE put a billion people?

The ‘WE’ of course being the great planners and social engineers of the universe, including the environmentalists and the human rights gang (the UN surely). In a recent article in Nature, the authors say the world’s population will grow by 1 billion by 2030 and they are plotting where would it be best for the […]

The EU tried to pawn off 100,000 Syrian refugees on Brazil (the land of zika)

Doesn’t sound like it would have been a very humanitarian thing to do!  And besides isn’t Brazil in deep economic doo-doo? But who knew this was in the works! (No longer in the works!) From Telesur: Acting President Michel Temer suspended all talks with the EU over resettling refugees in Brazil. The unelected coup government […]

These Palestinians are illegal alien criminals, not heroes for trekking across the world to get here

There is so much I want to say about this Washington Times story, but my posting queue is so long and I am so far behind. Remember this basic concept as you read this story.  LEGITIMATE asylum seekers are to ask for protection in the first safe country in which they arrive—they are nothing more […]

Syrian Muslim refugees go to Brazil; no hugging please!

This is an interesting article about how Syrians are going to Brazil. Some love it, some don’t.  They say it’s expensive to live with no social services available. Some want to move on to Europe. And, one problem with life there we are told is that the warm and friendly Brazilians don’t understand why Muslims […]

Silly season in Mexico as the country considers ‘welcoming’ Syrian refugees

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous! As Mexico happily unloads its poor on America and allows Central Americans easy passage through Mexico so they too can ‘benefit’ from US generosity, the government of Mexico is considering becoming a recipient of impoverished Syrian refugees (and most will be Muslims). They think they might like to […]

Syrian and Iraqi “refugees” trafficked through Brazil destined for Europe

We have been writing ad nauseum about the ‘Invasion of Europe’ via primarily the Mediterranean Sea, and now thankfully so is much of the mainstream media.  Thanks to all who sent this story — ISIS wants to flood Europe with 500,000 through North Africa to Italy. However, here is a new angle on the invasion: […]