Reminder! Get your testimony in to the US State Department within the next ten days!

Editor: Below is a repost of a post from April 23rd.  A reader suggested I remind you that as of tomorrow you have ten days to get your testimony/comments to the US State Department.  You should take a few minutes and do this.  You don’t have to say much, but whatever you say, be polite! […]

State Department announces comment period for FY2017 Refugee admissions

This is the official launch of the preparations underway for the Obama Administration’s last Refugee Admissions plan to be sent to Congress in September of this year.  Obama has already signaled that he wants 100,000 refugees seeded into your towns in FY2017. Each year at this time, the US State Department takes testimony from the […]

Former refugee worker testified last year; revealed serious flaws in refugee program

Editors note:  As I mentioned previously, I am going to re-post several significant comments that were sent (or delivered in person) to the US State Department for its “scoping” meeting in advance of fiscal year 2014.  This is the first in a series.  All other testimony we published last year can be found in this […]

US State Department will not hear public testimony on refugee program this year

For the first time that I know of, there will be no opportunity for the public to go to Washington (frankly they should be having hearings all over the country!) to make suggestions for the refugee program for the upcoming fiscal year. See announcement of public comment period here. We can only conclude that officials […]

St. Cloud, MN: Battle resumes today in zoning dispute over Somali mosque

Update October 8th:  Contentious hearing ends with Somali Islamic Center withdrawing its plan, here. Update:  I have just heard from the editor of the St. Cloud Times who asked me to remove their copyrighted story.  I am therefore honoring his request. St. Cloud is a city on the Mississippi River in central Minnesota with a […]

A message to NGOs: Do your good works elsewhere!

Editors note:  This is one more in a series of statements presented to the US State Department for their hearing last week (May 15th) on the “size and scope” of refugee admissions for FY2014.  I will continue to post testimony from the hearing in between the pressing news of the day.  Between refugee terrorist stories […]

Senator Chuck Grassley wants to strip refugee/asylum sections from Gang’s bill!

Update May 21:  His amendment lost of course, the Dems teamed up with Graham and Flake have defeated just about everything Grassley and Sessions tried to do.  I’ll have more tomorrow, but for now check out this letter of all those opposing the bill when it comes to the floor.  We are among some great […]

The IRC has a lobbying office in Washington and it should be busy today

For some unknown reason information on the International Rescue Committee’s D.C. lobbying office came up in one of my alerts this morning.  Maybe it’s because last week they put out an alert to tell supporters of the refugee resettlement industry to call US Senators working on the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill being marked […]

You did it! Your testimony flooded State Department hearing yesterday

I don’t know where to begin telling you about the State Department meeting yesterday to determine the “size and scope” of refugee admissions for Fiscal Year 2014. Thirty or so people who attended the meeting at the D.C. office of the State Department each received a voluminous stack of testimony, and it will take me […]

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL): hundreds of millions would immigrate to America if they could

…..but we don’t have the financial resources to accept the world’s immigrants!—not to mention the fact that we would be culturally finished as a country. That is it in a nutshell!  That is the truth of it all—of the Gang of Eight plus Grover bill now before the Judiciary Committee of the US Senate and […]