Church World Service head honcho sucking up to the NYT and Chobani Yogurt tycoon

We told you recently that the NY Times has gone to bat for Hamdi Ulukaya who is changing Twin Falls, Idaho with a refugee worker flow for his world’s largest yogurt plant there. As I said yesterday, some of the big players in the UN/US refugee program are giant corporations, some of them foreign-owned, that […]

Note to readers: On this 9/11 we are in Washington

  On the anniversary of the terrible assault on our country by Islamic terrorists, I’m in Washington DC, but will try to post a few items in between briefings and meetings.   Most of the friends I am with today are here because of that first 9/11. Please take a few minutes this morning to see […]

CASA de Maryland witnesses violence and murder involving their people

There goes the neighborhood.   Update:  A reader reports that according to court documents, Vargas-Salguero has a criminal record and is identified as: WHITE, CAUCASIAN, ASIATIC INDIAN, ARAB (whatever that is!).  No mention of immigration status. The Washington Post reports that a Guatemalan regular at CASA de Maryland (the very rich and powerful government-funded advocacy […]

Montgomery Co. MD will host about 50 new unaccompanied alien teens this year (so far)

If you want to know where the ‘unaccompanied alien children’ have gone, check with two local agencies—the local department of education and the health department. There is nothing especially new or surprising in this report from the Gazette unless you live in long-time ‘welcoming’ Montgomery County, Maryland (I once did), but it does say one […]