Italy: three migrants arrested in teen’s death, fuels Salvini’s anti-immigrant message

Of course it does! From the BBC: Desirée Mariottini killing: Migrants held in Italy over girl’s death     Three migrants from Senegal and Nigeria have been arrested by police investigating the rape and killing of a girl whose death has been seized upon by the populist right. The body of Desirée Mariottini, 16, was […]

US birthrates drop in to danger zone! Have more babies or else!

There is no sense dancing around the subject….. The “or else” is frankly that the immigrant/Muslim population will boom as we go bust (and they are counting on it). Remember we are old they say!     Leo Hohmann has a good analysis yesterday entitled: Birth dearth: Millennials’ rejection of parenthood could be lethal blow […]

Gatestone: Fearless Swedish Somali woman speaks, and you should listen!

Especially so-called feminist women should listen! Do not miss this interview of former refugee Mona Walter by Natalia Osten-Sacken at Gatestone Institute.   I’ve snipped just a bit of the interview, but the entire discussion is riveting.  See what she says about the moral equivalency the Pope has been promoting!

Parents arrested in teen abuse case; father was an Iraqi interpreter for US

There are dozens of reports in publications around the world about the case of a missing San Antonio teen, Maarib al-Hishmawi, now found alive and well in the care of an unnamed organization that protected her. She went into hiding because she didn’t want to go through with an arranged marriage (this is the United States!) […]

Maine: Battle over female genital mutilation bill raging

Diversity is beautiful alert! This is one of those great ‘fun’ political debates you will get to have once the population of Muslims, mostly from East Africa, ‘find their way’ to your state.  Maine, especially Lewiston, is the Somali capital of the East! The story at the Press Herald is long and detailed, but what […]

In South Dakota, it is about pleasing the Chamber, about low wage workers and fear

….but the fear isn’t about fear for the safety of citizens of South Dakota, it is the fear the Left and Islamic supremacists know how to stir—the fear of being called names or appearing ‘unwelcoming’ that will be the death of the west! And, so they give us gobbledygook about the beauty of cultural diversity […]

Catholic Charities can't have cake and eat it too in Lesbian adoption case, or….

…to put it another way—Live by the government, die by the government! I wasn’t planning to get into this story about how a Lesbian couple was denied the right to foster a refugee child by Catholic Charities because the couple is a same-sex couple, but couldn’t resist when I saw this Leftwing report on a […]

Human rights activist wakes up about Muslim migrants in Germany, admits she was wrong

Editor: There is some controversy surrounding what exactly Rebecca Sommer said especially about possibly retiring to Poland. But, this interview at looks completely legit. I have taken the liberty of creating paragraphs in her story for easier reading.     From Bulgarian news Recently we from published an article about German activist, […]

Federal Office of Refugee Resettlement playing hardball with immigration lawyers it funds

A little background first…. The Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in the Department of Health and Human Services somehow, awhile ago, was tasked with taking care of the Unaccompanied Alien Children entering the US illegally. In fact, their involvement created a huge new money stream to at least two refugee contractors—the US Conference of Catholic […]

UN driving “Replacement Migration” for nearly 2 decades (of 50-year plan)

Our post the other day on Poland’s “breed like rabbits” campaign generated lots of interest. Here Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily tells us that even we (the US, not just Europe) are in trouble for not producing enough American babies. From Hohmann: If anyone wants to know why Western countries import so many migrants […]