Have you missed Refugee Resettlement Watch?

If you didn’t know I started a new website called Frauds, Crooks and Criminals three weeks ago and have posted about 40 times there already. Here are two posts from yesterday that might interest you (click on the headline): Worcester “Man” Admits Guilt in Identity Theft Scheme at Crooked Convenience Store And, here: Cleveland: Suit against Catholic […]

German publication asks: When should the media report on murders committed by refugees?

That is a very interesting question. Short answer: Always! However, apparently the mainstream media in Germany has a really hard time with it! German media isn’t alone! The Left-leaning media here in the US has for the last decade failed to report on some really horrible refugee crime stories I believe out of willful blindness—reports […]

Sweden in free fall….

“It increasingly appears, therefore, that it will be Sweden that integrates into Islamic culture.” (Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute) For years I’ve been saying that Sweden would be the first European nation to fall to Islamic supremacism and it seems to be happening faster and faster these days.  The Netherlands, Germany, France are not far behind.  […]

HuffPo: Amnesty International and London mayor threaten Trump with large protest if he goes to the UK this summer

  Don’t go Donald! The city now exceeds NYC in violent crime because of the (immigrant/refugee) diversity welcomed by the UK!  Stay home and make a point of mayor’s increasingly violent city. From the Huffington Post: Donald Trump Should Expect ‘Loud’ Protests If He Visits The UK, Sadiq Khan London Mayor Warns Donald Trump should […]

NYT agrees with Trump: Sweden immigrant-perpetrated violence out of control

  Invasion of Europe…..   Powerline blog reminds us here of what happened a year ago February when the New York Times and all of its media lackeys landed like a big bird on President Trump when he said Sweden has a problem with out-of-control immigration (from certain ethnic/religious groups) and the violence it inevitably brings! […]

Ho hum! Another Somali stabbing, Minnesota this time (again)

Of course I saw the news yesterday, but didn’t post on it because, sad to say, this kind of story is becoming commonplace. However, just to be sure my huge ‘crimes’ archive (here) is complete, I’m posting the basic news of what happened at the Mall of America from World Net Daily. But, the bonus […]

Terrible Virginia murder case goes against message of the leftist open borders propaganda

Update: Story being dropped “like a hot brick” here at WND! Diversity is supposed to be beautiful, right?  Immigrants who come to the great American melting pot are supposed to love and respect multiculturalism, right?  Unlike in Europe, we do everything to foster ‘assimilation’ of races, religions and cultures, right? Well, here is a case […]

Aberdeen, SD: Somali refugee found guilty of sexual assault in December is supposed to be sentenced today

Udate: Reader Elena found this tiny mention in the local news, rescheduled for April 10th. Liban Mohamed was found guilty in December of attempted sexual assault of a special needs woman.  He was arrested last July after reportedly only being in the country for one week. We are waiting to hear whether his sentencing will […]

Wall Street Journal's immigration writer ticks me off with fluff on "welcoming" Utah

I’ve got other things I’m working on this morning, but have put them on hold so I can blow off steam!  A reader just sent me this story….grrrrr! Wall Street Journal reporter Miriam Jordan writes ‘authoritatively’ on Muslim refugees going to”welcoming” Utah and fails to mention the horrific murder case that dragged on for years […]